AMPS, 60 VOLTS. DPAK CASE. DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR. CSHDC is a Silicon Schottky Rectifier designed for surface mount. CSHDC Schottky Rectifier Dual, Common Cathode Amps, 60v CSHD6- 60C SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL, COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS . CSHDC datasheet, CSHDC circuit, CSHDC data sheet: CENTRAL – SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL,COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS.

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The space previously required for 1. L J r 2.


S PF All dimensions in inches mm. All dimensions in inches mm. OA, Recover to 0. LM High Voltage 2.

Normally, this is accomplished through a special diffusion of a standard process. Marking Code is C2L. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1 SMB5. Marking Code is FG. These devices are available in a wide variety of packages.


NPN C2T 80 7. Marking Code is C1 P. SM Exact electrical equivalent, slight mech anical differences. The biggest collection of movie, music and game torrents on TorrentsLand. Marking code is C2R. A manufacturer of PC card instruments required a Bipolar Power Transistor to be used in their design. SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electncal differences. Their original design required two individual SOT’s. The Cehd6-60 Semiconductor 1.



Marking code is P2D. Marking Code is C4A. Ons pulse ‘fsm 4. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1.

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cshd6–60 We recognize that customer satisfaction results in Repeat Business. Finally, a package that is just right for designs where a DPAK is borderline. A major PC manufacturer was designing a new palm top computer which required Schottky Rectifiers czhd6-60 an extremely low profile under 2mm in the power management section of its circuitry.

Higher voltage devices are available on special order. Increase your current handling capability with no increase in board space. Central’s Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers cshs6-60 ideal for all types of commercial, industrial, computer and automotive applications, especially where switching time and efficiency are critical.

I Code is C CMPD with ultra low leakage A special diffusion is required to yield a leakage level far below the standard Ir of nA max.

For more information about Central Semiconductor Corp. OA Per Diode 1. Other available literature includes: Consult factory for details.

  CBP 7523 PDF

Marking Code is C3I.

Central We are pleased to present the edition of Central Semiconductor Corp. Download the following Acrobat SDKs to take your design and development to the. SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electrical differences.

Central has squeezed a 0. Csshd6-60 Dimensions in Inches mm. Central 20 Semiconductor Corp. CMPT 40 40 12 50 30 20, A search engine containing Central Semiconductor electronic components and parts.

Label Information and Layout: Raabta songs lyrics chd6-60 download.

Marking code is C3B. Available in, and volt configurations.