Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. ‘Breaking Open the Head’. By DANIEL PINCHBECK NOV. . Or I was like the character of “Daniel Pinchbeck,” trapped in a half-finished novel. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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While his dust-covered yet still sultry partner watched, Two Feather tied plas- tic containers of Poland Spring water to the chopper. For the duration of his plays, we seem to recognize or re- member that reality tends to reveal itself in a series of marvelous episodes and peculiar coincidences. The awesome sound filled the temple, pounding against the walls of my skull.

Breaking Open the Head: The unfolding of the self through an increase in perception, cog- nition, and feeling is one level of the trip. I de- scribed my visions, scant though they seemed, to Papa Simone, and he interpreted them thoughtfully.

She took care of me as a child when my mother went out of town. Burning Man constantly mocks and undercuts its own pretentions.


My friend Adam and I made the obligatory stop at the last twenty-four-hour supermarket and casino, dropping a quarter in the fi- nal slot machine, a tiny offering to the gray shroud of flat desert ahead. I was witnessing a “memory theater,” brraking scrupulous replaying of all the danoel that sculpted me into the person I was. I knew I was not a person to them so much as an archetype. Quotes from Breaking Open the Others played drums and rattles and horns in a weirdly humorous march.

Their jet-black skin was painted with white stripes and dots.

I wondered if I was going to die. If that was the plan, it worked: No small part of Pinchbeck’s brilliance is his voice. We make these grand myths to go with it. Air France gave me 1, francs in consolation and stashed me in an airport hotel for two nights, before the next departure to Libreville, on Air Gabon. Trees and plants glowed with patience and intelligence, as if expressing a deeper wisdom.

Breaking Open the Head – Wikipedia

By substituting psilocybin, ibogaine, dimethyltryptamine, or some other psychedelic compound for serotonin brraking other neurotransmitters, you change the station and suddenly you begin to pick up the sensorial equivalent of avant-garde jazz, Tibetan chants, or another channel res- onating with new and astonishing information. People came and went throughout the night.


In that sense, psychedelics, unlike alcohol or heroin, are not even intoxicating. I felt fizzy, light.

He has an engaging journalistic style. I saw the desperate, desolate parts of my life and the flashes of power and invention that were also mine.

A postmodern Pop Art phantasm.

Review: Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck | Books | The Guardian

During their illness, they may see visions of spirits or meet the ghosts of their ancestors. I told him I was from New York. Each neighborhood seemed to have its own Bwiti temple.

Instead of an added high, he was sent on a stern and somber tour of his entire past. For Benjamin, history advances in sudden flashes and leaps. The notion per- sists that to dabble in psychedelics, to trip, is to risk madness.

Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey Into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

The effect is long-lasting and terrifying. I started experimenting with mushrooms and LSD again. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.