Datacard® i and /P/ Card. Personalization Systems: Guide for Use with ID Works. Software. Legal Notices. Conventions Used in this Library. Get Datacard Group I Printer User Manual. Get all Datacard Group manuals!. The Datacard® i card personalization system delivers embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in less than a Exception/manual card feed. Locked cabinet.

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Click the Finish button. Page 27 Changing a Character Translation1.

DataCard 150i Specifications

For the, and printers, in the Page size area select the datwcard size youare using. Select alogical page size to restrict the printing and embossing to legal areas. Click the Delete button. Page 25 Translating CharactersIf you use special characters for example, accent marks for some languages, the VisaVyou will need to translate the characters sent by your Windows application to thecorresponding positions on the embossing wheels.

The current Buffered Mode setting appears. The printer uses an area on all sides to hold the card during embossing.

Tell us what’s missing. It includes symptoms, fault isolation procedures, use of diagnostic tools, and error codes. If embossed text is placed in the margin area of thecard, an illegal font placement error will be detected by the datacars and the card willnot print the embossed text.


Proprietary Notice All drawings and information herein are the property of Datacard Corporation. M ost W anted.

Press F3 to choose Set Up. Click the arrows until the character value you want to translate to appears. 150k completes the installation of your printer.

The capabilities of these printers are listed inTable 1.

This chapter includes information and procedures for solvingprinting problems. Select whether you want Windows to use your Datacard printer as the defaultprinter. Ins ta llat ion an d.

Datacard Datacard i MANUAL SERVICE – Service Manual Free Download

This chapter provides general theory of operation for the i. Equipment specifications, applications, and options are subject to change at the sole discretion of Datacard without notice.

The current Auto Remake settingappears. Click OK to save your changes and return to the printer Properties dialog box.

Page 33 of Datacard Group Printer I User Guide |

These procedures are not part of preventiv. Service manuals, schematics, documentation, programs, electronics, hobby By acceptance of this system you hereby assume all liability consequent to your use or misuse of this equipment.

Depending on the options ordered, the i is also capable of indent printing and smart card personalization. Goon to the next procedure, Selecting Embossing and Indent Fonts. Torx is a registered trademark of Textron. Other settings are optional. If you select Confirmation for each data block processed, the operator mustacknowledge the following message before the printer will continue to the nextrecord.


The new CPX port is created and assigned to your Datacard printer. The Port Name dialog box appears. Manuwl and set the configuration options identified below. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Ifnecessary, from the Windows Start button, select Settings and then Printers.

Go on to the printerconfiguration options procedure for your printer. You must nowconfigure the driver so it knows which port the printer is connected to.

Click the Edit button. Page 18 Setting Supervisor Configuration Options1. In the Output Character area, select Hex to work with hexadecimal values orDecimal to work with decimal values.

Printing in a Windows Environment. Page 21 Printer FontsThe printer driver for Windows 95 and 98 uses two types of fonts: In other words, some parameter is turned off that shouldbe turned on for example, Graphics off or Magnetic Stripe Track XX off.