Here, in the eagerly awaited sequel to David Eddings’ bestselling The Belgariad, is the first book of The Malloreon, an epic quest across strange lands and. The Malloreon, Vol. 1 (Books ): Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on. At the end of The Belgariad, Garion has slain the evil god Torak and believes that he may expect lasting peace. The first half of the book concentrates on the first.

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Not in terms of a classic literary style but because it flows so smoothly. This was a wonderful comfort reread.

Guardians Of The West by David Eddings book review

I am not saying they are a waste of time, but you could spend your time in better company then Eddings in my opinion. For there is a dire warning, as a great evil brews in the East. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

It is a trifle more grown-up, though – the violence isn’t nearly as underplayed, and the villain does some pretty horrific things, if always offscreen. To ask other readers questions about Guardians of the Westplease sign up.

This birth is theorized as the first “new” event in their world’s history.


Who knows, maybe one day I will, but in a way it is unlikely. The first half or so of the book tends towards the tedious – it’s a rehash of Queen of Sorcery to the point where the characters are remarking on it. We experience the same conflict, but with characters that have grown since the first installment.

On an almost entirely irrelevant note, it is perhaps a bit funnier than it should be seeing how Eddings deals with the, ah, physical aspects of romance among the main characters. And again, Garion found himself a pawn, caught between the two ancient Prophecies, with the fate of the world somehow resting on him.

It has been so very long since I’ve read these, that it truly is like reading them again for the first time. I was a little sad to see some favorite side characters pass away.

Guardians of the West | David Eddings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Paperbackpages. I was surprised at all the casual violence–I didn’t remember reading that when I was younger–but it’s still pretty tame compared to other fantasy books. Jan thf, Kieran rated it liked it Shelves: The Mallorean Series 5 books follows the same characters in the Belgariad series, one of guardiabs all time favorites.

Receiving a final challenge from Zandramas, Cyradis ultimately chooses Eriond, whereupon Zandramas and the Sardion are changed into stars and transported into outer space. Open Preview See a Problem? It was nice reading about the familiar characters of the first series, and it actually covers a couple of years.


Bello, divertente a volte scanzonato Conversely, Silk was absolutely priceless. David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels.

I re-read the first series over and over again. It was called “banter” in the original 5 books. David Westwynter, a British sold Mass Market Paperbackpages. Bibliography by David Eddings.

Naradas, disguised as guardisns court minister, delays Garion with red-herring quests, whereafter Sadi poisons him. Aldur, before leaving, informs Belgarath, Beldinand Polgara that Durnik is “also my beloved Disciple, as he was the best suited of ye”.

Refresh and try again. But Garion discovered hints in a previously obscured part of the Mrin Codex. Halius is a Plainsward, a simple man tasked with a grave responsibility.

The Malloreon, Vol. 1: Guardians of the West / King of the Murgos / Demon Lord of Karanda

The first books focused on Garion coming of age. Anyone that loved the first series The Belgariad will eddinfs this series a worthwhile read.

I didn’t stop reading them.