Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Book 2) [Lilith Saintcrow] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dark fantasy has a new heroine. Dead Man Rising. Lilith Saintcrow. Published pages. Synopsis. Necromance and bounty hunter Dante Valentine has been throwing herself into her. When the dead call, she answers. Bounty hunting is a helluva job, but it pays the bills. And it lets Necromance Dante Valentine forget her issues–like struggling.

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Still love her potty mouth though. I like a lilitj of drama and internal conflict riisng much as the next person, but Saintcrow needs to tone it down a bit and increase the actual story-telling. There is a historical, legal and even scientific context which is integrated into the story although some of it is delivered as part of a couple of “research” essays and a glossary at the end, which some might consider a lazy approach, but I actually quite enjoyed that part, it certainly read very authentic.

Gottfredam rated it really liked it Apr 29, I felt that the story could have been trimmed down due to the repetition, though I did love lliith author’s continued world building. Somewhere above meh and below nice. Originally posted at FanLit.

While the author has filled in the back story to this book very well there is a lot to cover so I would recommend reading Working For The Devil, the first Dante Valentine novel, first it is an excellent read even though it has no vampires in it!


It’s frustrating that Dante keeps moping about Japhrimel, and Jace tolerates that To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And Rsiing was just pitiful. Still confused over some things, but still appreciating the style the author has in that she doesn’t overexplain, just lets things naturally lllith.

Unfortunately Valentine encounters yet another tragedy in this book — a new loss that I hated. Blade to the Keep. He knew he was out of the running for Dante’s heart but he stayed anyways. She’s all of this, but that could make her a unique and interesting character — if only she weren’t incredibly narcissistic. It gets very tedious.

This was a lot more mysterious and suspicious. Thankfully, reviews for the 3rd book in the series are quite good, so I won’t be dropping this series. Why japh has to be able to brought back?

This was a pretty good book. The past really comes home to roost in this novel and there was never a point where I wasn’t thoroughly entertained.

Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, #2) by Lilith Saintcrow

Read reviews of other books by this author You can find out more about the other novels of Lilith Lilihh and read her blog on her website. Completely exhausted because it feels as if I am just reading one long ass War and Peace length book. She forsakes her friends, including Jace, by trying to leave them behind. I like this story because Dante reminds me of Anita Blake but better. Nov 29, Shambhawi P. And everything you did learn was important.

That, combined with the fact that view spoiler [Japh saves from the evil dude and she can’t fight it on her own hide spoiler ] was disappointing. Very whiney protagonist, not very proactive as in 1, kinda wallowy.


Dead Man Rising

Move on with the plot, for the love of god! Bounty hunting is a helluva job, risinf it pays the bills. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Lilith Saintcrow’s unique world of Saint City is an awesome blend of urban fantasy and futuristic ,an and she definitely knows how to keep me turning those pages. I really, really hope the third book is better.

I preferred Dante when she was single. I think I warmed to the world-building which seemed to me to work within itself though at first I was wondering why we needed different names for things. Saintcrwo wish this book had focused solely on the Jafermel plot line.

At least if the constant talk about how everyone seemed to be aging and looking older was hinting to anything. The Review Lilith Saintcrow has successfully crafted a futuristic world where the gritty urban landscape meshes seamlessly with a reworking of swintcrow myth to create a whole new world that is uniquely her own.

See 1 question about Dead Man Rising….

It’s been almost a year since the events of Working for the Devil. This book was frustrating.

Danny’s friend, Gabe, pulls her into a police investigation that yields few clues, only badly mutilated corpses. You saw how that ended.