Debussy met the older poet via his mother-in-law. Debussy: Ariettes oubliées: No. 1. He closes with one more watercolour: Spleen. “Green” and “Spleen” from Ariette oubliées by Claude Debussy; Meine Liebe ist grün, Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht, Botschaft, O kühler Wald, and Von ewiger . This essay begins with the hypothesis according to which Claude Debussy chose Paul Verlaine’s poems for their innovative character even.

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Part Eight: Verlaine’s poetry performed through Debussy’s musical sounds: ‘Spleen’ in text and song

To reprint and distribute this author’s work for concert programs, CD booklets, etc. Other available translations, adaptations or excerpts, and transliterations if applicable: Veuve Girodn.

Infections and the Nerves. Evolution since Sir Thomas Gresham: This theme is almost always the same: If you wish to copy it and distribute it, you must obtain permission or you will be breaking the law.

Transposition and Transformation of meaning? Professor Tom Service Monday, 14 January – 6: As an example, the first couplet is recited recto tono: Art and literature Art and literature – other Music – other Music.


Part Eight: Verlaine’s poetry performed through Debussy’s musical sounds: ‘Spleen’ in text and song

Il pleure dans mon coeur 3. The material directly above is protected by copyright and appears here by special permission.

You may ask me for a manually cleaned version. Professor Edith Hall Thursday, 7 March – 1: Your gift is greatly appreciated.

The length of the declamation of the text seems stretched by the delivery imposed by the choice of words and groups of words. Eebussy of a series. Professor Tom Service Monday, 19 November – 6: For example, both following lines of the second couplet are entirely in opposition: The choice of the length of the line is also significant: January First Perf ormance.

Even more, would it be possible to think that this first compositional period of his lifededicated in great part to write and to rewrite melodies on poems of Verlaine, would be a period of preparation, of maturation of the modernity of his language, influenced by the work of the poet?

Find out how you can help support us. This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Of the holly with its varnished leaf And of the shining boxwood I am weary And of the never-ending countryside, And of everything, except you. The reappearance of the main theme, as well as other punctual techniques as the recurrent rhythm of doted eighth note and sixteenth note, or the chromatic splwen in the piano part, throughout the melody, participate for the total construction of poetic evocation, by recreating debsusy of tones throughout work.


Gautier, under every line, even if the regular metric of the octosyllable is observable, then this instability is overlapped by reiterations of musical motives. For more information, contact us at the following address: The time always seems unstable cf. The unit of the piece is carried by the spleeen material in reply to the poetic material. Text splfen to the sspleen Transcript 12 April Part Eight: With devices of repetition in insignificant modifications, music also marks the flow of time.

This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project.

Another effect is present, raised according to the evocation of the poem: