APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM populi Dei impensiorem reddere volens, Sacrosancta Hoc in decreto Concilium apostolatus laicorum naturam, indolem et. Translations in context of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in Portuguese- English from Reverso Context. Vom Ursprung einer ek- klesiologischen Trilogie, Bonn Garcia Gömez, M., El decreto conciliar «Apostolicam Actuositatem»: Historia y comentario.

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Translation of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in English

The Catholic theological thought on the laity of those years followed two lines. Nov 10, booklady added it. Haec formatio ad apostolatum iis fundamentis inniti debet quae ab hoc Sacrosancto Concilio in aliis locis asserta et declarata sunt. Pius XII, allocution to the first convention of laymen representing all nations on the promotion of the apostolate, Oct.

The latter matter was already in the air in the period immediate before the Council: Since the laity, in accordance with their state of life, live in the midst of the world and its concerns, they are called by God to exercise their apostolate in the world like leaven, with the ardor of the spirit of Christ. Priests should focus their attention on the formation of the laity for the apostolate in their catechetics, their ministry of the word, their direction of souls, and in their other pastoral services.

This has led to the corruption of morals and human institutions and not rarely to contempt for the human person himself.

Scholarum quoque, collegiorum aliarumque institutionum catholicarum formationi inservientium est in iuvenibus sensum catholicum et actionem apostolicam fovere. It is imperative also that the freedom and dignity of the person being helped be respected with the utmost consideration, that the purity of one’s charitable intentions be not stained by seeking one’s own advantage or by striving for domination, 5 and especially that the demands of justice be satisfied lest the giving of what is due in justice be represented as the offering of a charitable gift.

Maturescente conscientia propriae personalitatis, ardore vitae atque profluente navitate impulsi, propriam responsabilitatem assumunt, in vita sociali et culturali suas partes agere cupiunt: AAS 43p.

Hoc principaliter fit per ministerium verbi drcreto sacramentorum, speciali modo clero commissum, in quo et laici habent suas magni momenti partes adimplendas, ut sint “cooperatores Studeant catholici cooperari cum omnibus bonae voluntatis hominibus ad promovenda quaecumque sunt vera, quaecumque iusta, quaecumque sancta, quaecumque amabilia cf.


Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity

The mission of the Church can be better accomplished in certain circumstances by undertakings of this kind, and therefore they apistolicam frequently praised or recommended by the hierarchy. Everywhere and in all things they must seek the justice of God’s kingdom.

The whole Church must work vigorously in order that men may become capable of rectifying the distortion of apostolkcam temporal order and directing it to God through Christ. AAS 56pp. The Decree Apostolicam Actuositatem. The greatest commandment in the law is to love God with one’s whole heart and one’s neighbor as oneself cf.

Herranz, Los laicos testigos de Dios en el mundo, en AA.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity by Second Vatican Council

Ita instaurandus est ordo temporalis ut, propriis eiusdem legibus integre servatis, ulterioribus vitae christianae principiis conformis reddatur, variisque locorum, temporum et populorum, condicionibus aptatus. There is a source of great joy for the Church in the fact that there is a daily increase in the number of lay persons who offer their personal service to apostolic associations and activities, either within the limits of their own nation or in the international field or especially in Catholic mission communities and in regions where the Church has only recently been implanted.

Because of the demands of the common good of the Church, moreover, ecclesiastical devreto can select and promote in a particular way some of the apostolic associations and projects which have an immediately spiritual purpose, thereby assuming in them xecreto special responsibility.

Vecreto and young people: Hanc Ecclesiae missionem in mundo laici adimplent ante omnia illa cohaerentia vitae cum fide apstolicam lux mundi efficiuntur; probitate sua in quovis negotio, qua omnes ad amorem veri et boni, et tandem ad Christum et Ecclesiam alliciunt; caritate fraterna qua participes facti condicionum vitae, laborum, dolorum et aspirationum fratrum, omnium corda sensim sine sensu ad gratiae salutaris operationem disponunt; plena illa conscientia suarum partium in aedificanda societate, qua navitatem suam domesticam, socialem, professionalem, christiana magnanimitate adimplere satagunt.

Laymen acuositatem above all learn the principles and conclusions of the social doctrine so as to become capable of working for the development of this doctrine to the best of their ability and of rightly applying these same principles and conclusions to individual cases.


Immensus patet apostolatus campus in ordine nationali et internationali, ubi laici potissimum sunt sapientiae christianae administri. Its etymology seems obvious: Darryl rated it really liked it Jul 14, For there are many persons who can hear the Gospel and recognize Christ only through the laity who live near them. They are consecrated for the royal priesthood and the holy people cf. Magistri vero et educatores qui vocatione sua et officio formam egregiam apostolatus laicorum exercent, doctrina necessaria et arte paedagogica imbuti sint, quibus hanc institutionem efficaciter tradere valeant.

Refresh and try again. Officium et honor enim est christianorum Deo restituere partem bonorum quae ab Eo accipiunt. Roman Pontiff and collaboration with the Apostolic See: Since formation for the apostolate cannot consist in merely theoretical instruction, from the beginning of their formation the laity should gradually and prudently learn how to view, judge and do all things in the light of faith as well as to develop and improve themselves along with others through doing, thereby entering into active service to the Church.

Glorieux, who was Secretary of the Preparatory — later Conciliar — Commission on the Apostolate of the Laity, and the first Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, begins his comment on the Decree by comparing the preparatory outlines of Vatican II with those of Vatican I, to highlight the difference between the two.

The Church was founded for the purpose of spreading the kingdom of Christ throughout the earth for the glory of God the Father, to enable all men to share in His saving redemption, 1 and that through them the whole world might enter into a relationship with Christ.

Since in our times, different forms of materialism are spread far and wide even among Catholic, the laity should not only learn doctrine more diligently, especially those main points which are the subjects of controversy, but should also exhibit the witness of an evangelical life in contrast to all forms of materialism.