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Replace and tighten the captive screw on the opposite corner of the modem. Route the display-feed flex cable so that it rests in the notch located in the bottom edge of the top cover.

Install the operating system for your computer, using the 22200 System CD. Insert the securing tabs on the front of the keyboard into their respective slots in the palm rest, and lower the keyboard into the computer base. Dell Support Website — support. The lithium-ion battery is designed to work with your Dell computer. Nanual more information about Dell QuickSet, see page Connect the bottom flex-cable connector to the inverter connector. Ensure that the work surface is flat and clean to prevent the computer cover from being scratched.

From the bottom of the computer, remove the two M2. Top of Palm Rest to Computer Base: Error Messages Use an antivirus program that includes anti-spyware protection your program may require mmanual upgrade to scan the computer and remove spyware.


dell inspiron service manual

Install the M2 x 3-mm screw to secure the modem to the system board. Disconnect your computer and all attached devices from their electrical outlets.

Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the insliron taps on each end of the Mini PCI card connector until the card pops up. Page 76 5 Click Yes when a confirmation message appears.

To confirm the amount of memory installed in the computer, click the Start button, click Help and Support, and then click Computer Information. If srvice memory module is not installed properly, the computer may not boot properly. The speakers face out in the base plastics holders.

Before turning on the computer, replace all screws and ensure that no stray screws remain inside the computer.

serivce Your wireless network card requires specific software and drivers in order to connect to a network. Base Plastics in Hard Drive Bay: In some cases, if an internal wireless card was not ordered with the computer, it may not have an antenna in the LCD panel assembly and internal wireless functionality is not enabled. Manuzl the touch pad and touch pad buttons as you would use a mouse.

Press and hold the microprocessor down by applying slight pressure to the center of the microprocessor while turning the cam screw to prevent intermittent contact between the cam screw and microprocessor. Network security settings are unique to your network. Dell Technical Support Policy u.

Full text of “Dell: Inspiron Service Manual”

The computer continues to boot and updates the new BIOS. Pull the EMI shield out of the computer baseby rotating the front upwards then lifting to release the retention tabs from the retention-tab slots. Drive Problems Configuration Parameters 4 When the tests are complete, close the test screen to return to the Main Menu screen.


The screen allows you to select, create, and edit power scheme settings.

When the hard drive is not in the computer, store it in protective antistatic packaging. Open the display all the way degrees so that it lies flat against your work surface.

Only 2 Connect the computer to an electrical outlet. If your computer and attached devices do not automatically turn off when you shut down your operating system, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds.

Under Error-checking, click Check Now. Remove the memory module. Handle the speakers with care to avoid damaging them. A black plastic strap is attached to the hard drive to assist in removal. Slide servoce hard drive into the bay until it is fully seated.

Dell Inspiron 2200 User Manual

Type some characters on the internal keyboard and verify that they appear on the display. Remove the keyboard from the computer base. Click Close if the Download Complete window appears. Wipe the thermal grease off of the microprocessor thermal-cooling assembly with a clean paper towel.