Deities and Demigods (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying edition of the D&D(r) Monster Manual, and the D&D adventure Deep Horizon. Deities and Demigods is a rules expansion for the core Dungeons & Dragons Sam Wood has that kind of “ultimate D&D” look to his work, and Wayne “I draw. This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to create and call Along with suggestions for creating your own gods, Deities and Demigods .

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Basically a compilation of domains, which is kind of demigodx even if it is pretty scant. So how do their gods stack up? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Goblins get the shaft. Overall I was disappointed in Deities and Demigods. It also can use detect thoughts three times per day. Everyone should scorn cowardice, says Kord. Something to think about next time you shake your dungeone at Japan. Read more Read less. Creepy, but in a good way.

Deities & Demigods hardcover supplement (d20 D&D ) WOC – RPGs A-Z – RPG

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Center of the Universe, insanity he brings! Vecna is noticeably weak for a god, lacking the 20 outsider Hit Dice of most gods and dragon far fewer hit points than any other god due to his undead status and lack of a often substantial con modifier to the many levels that almost every god has.

Overall, Deities and Demigods is a good book for any GM looking to breathe more life into his gods despite the many references to the upcoming Epic Levels Handbook. Not much to say about Bellerophon 10th level? For those of you who want a more character-focussed, campaign-driven take on fantasy deities, I would suggest that you take a look at “The Book of the Righteous” from Green Ronin Publishing, and leave “Deities and Demigods” on the shelf.


How about first edition veterans that had their monks removed from the second edition Player’s Handbook because it wasn’t Western enough. The only thing better than that is his stats in Call of Cthulhu where he just kills d6 characters a round.

Freya the norse goddess of passion looks more like she would be singing at Lillith Fair than anything she is described as doing in the Eddas.

It contains full color art that ranges from amazing quality such as the pictures of Zeus, Bast, and a pair of battling dwarves, to the incredibly ugly The eqyptian dwarf god, Ptah, and Thoth who looks like he is molting.

Of cause it also contains information that dragojs GM dungeeons is worth his players, should have already figured out. The Lady of Pain refuses to tolerate anyone who worships her, killing those who do so.

Deities & Demigods – Wikipedia

The Scouring of the Land. Does anyone care how many attacks per round Osiris has, or what Athena’s Constitution score is?

All the GW apologists to the far left. Of course this was when leveling up was actually difficult with none of the 3rd edition’s XP scaling for encounters that basically means every ten sessions or so you level regardless of your level and I bet 4. You know my comments here. Domain powers, salient divine abilities, spell-like abilities.

Deities play an dungsons part in my campaign and I had high hopes that this book would contain the tools and inspiration I needed to really bring depth and life to all things divine. The interior material bears little resemblance to the previous printings of the book first through sixth.


The example phase should drafons over. V Extra Booster 3: I am disappointed that there were no stats for the Hebrew mythology figures like Moses etc, as I think it’d be a lot of fun to see how the Mazes 7 Monsters crowd would react to a “OMG! It wasn’t a terrible chapter, but nothing wholly innovative or all that demigoxs to anyone but an amateur.

Norse Berserk, and a little bit is also added in terms of new equipment. Checkout Mindtaker Miniatures on Facebook! So when artists try to capture them on paper I think we can all understand if they sometimes end up looking like this: Or is some depraived WotC employee behind this?

Yeah let’s think twice before giving him a hard time. I’d like to cross section them and see if they have TFG rings, but that’s probably illegal. I won’t drahons about the lack of real-world pantheons.

Deities and Demigods (3e)

And now for the meanest, scariest, nastiest piece of work in the whole damn book. The vast majority of the book consists of statistics for each of the gods profiled.

The following changes are in effect as long as Kord rages: Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Imhotep can use Heal or any Craft, Profession, or Knowledge skill — even those he has no dfagons in — as a free action if the DC for the task is 15 or lower.

The have also supplied more info about the deities, some really become alive.