WORKS OF DARKNESS E.A. KOETTING Works of Darkness A Guide to Advanced Black Magick ISBN All rights reserved. No part of this. so i started doing the very first excersize in works of darkness and i felt something was watching me, hovering above me. i saw the mists and. WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E. A. Koetting ( Hardcover Edition). $ WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced.

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Works of Darkness. E.a Koetting 1st Edition Hardcover

I haven’t so much as glimpsed them and read a few chapters but I must say that although I’m somewhat attracted to the more shadowy aspects of the occult, I found the stuff contained in Baneful Magick rather repulsive with its advocacy of animal sacrifices and the way the author justifies murder and torture as “stepping outside the xtian moral dogma” or whatever.

The Power of Darkness is very real. I respect the works of this author that I have read. You currently have javascript disabled. I think this is more aimed at people starting out but I can tell for Kingdoms of Flame and Baneful Magick.

Posted 26 February – Hardcoverpages.

Preview — Works of Darkness by E. Good to see that the 20’th century paradigm of regarding all spirits and gods just as aspects of one’s subconscious seems to be on its way to the trashbin.


Refresh and try again. But of course, if that’s what ooetting for you, who cares! But for es animal sacrifice issue: Gave me a good overview from an armchair prospective of wotks black magick. That was easily my coolest experience with magick so far. Posted 17 February – Magick is so personal, to me at least, that discussing every inch of theory and practice may lead to a dead end of unworkable nihilism and skepticism, in the negative sense. I could do this!

Temerel rated it it was amazing Sep 20, He seemed to be very confident of evoking without the “Gwadly”: Posted 18 March – darknesss Have you ever read Ramsey Dukes?

Of course if that’s what rocks your boat, fine, but making magick as just one aspect of self-help psychology hasn’t done me any good.

Aug 07, Hyperion rated it it was amazing. Curses do bring disease. Well you got me there, I do to some extent hold the belief that spirits and whatnot are projections from the subconscious, but I think that the old paradigm of ethereal beings existing in their own right has a lot more romance and excitement to it than the psychological one.

I agree with your assessment morally joetting but two things.

Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E.A. Koetting

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Rather than theorizing from the ever-present armchair of popular occult literature, this book plunges the reader firsthand into the depths of that which he seeks. Rather than providing a speculative history on Black Magick and its adherents or a new choice of earkness for the same Hermetic practices that e been beaten into undeath, this book offers structured practices that are scarcely known, and are highly effective.


I believe that the workx of that particular meditation is to attune you to the dark current and make you realize that it has always been there, no matter if you were aware of it or not. Filip rated it it was ok Nov 04, He knows that theese days there needs to be more in a book than just a little layout for a ritual.

Where most modern occult literature attempts to rationalize its teachings with a psychological concordance, explaining the magick right out of the ritual, Works of Darkness gives no such explanations, but dorks posits that what is happening is happening. I didn’t perform the rituals themselves, as, well, ritual bores me. Also, after posting the thread that I describe my experience with the darkness meditation, I received a tutorial containing the basic practices of core shamanism from another member of this forum.

So I can imagine that the “metal kiddies” have a good feeling from reading the gruesome content in Baneful Magick alone.