The ECC88 is a VHF double triode with separate cathodes. The ECC88 was is 48 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type ECC88 was first introduced in ECC88 page sheet date. 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. A . 5. B. 6. C. 7. FP. The 6DJ8/ECC88 is a frame grid sharp cut-off twin triode with separate cathodes designed for use in cascode circuits, RF and IF amplifiers, mixer and phase in-.

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Note, National was a tube re-branding company of very good reputation. Don’t try to be Mr. To give you an idea, the size of a large bacteria is 5um. Also you should try the Svetlana types 6N1P.

Unfortunally a big item particularly with this tube number. May seem a silly advice, but it is a popular mistake. These are the later technology, and also a technology only very few could make.

Set it on AC, and if nothing is read, set it on DC. All from the same factory code. The ones we sell, are “EB”, also when not specified like this, it’s what they are.


Even with top-name amplifier manufacturers we see the same old errors, resulting from arrogancy, like not reading a datasheet. This is not possible for the most wanted part numebrs.

ECC88 Datasheet PDF

So with them, what you pay is what you get. What is best, we had a small lot, and we have been able to select them ec88 in perfectly balanced and matched pairs. For the rest every little detail is identical.

This batch ecc88 very good values. Very good selected, and this batch has very high test values. Low noise version of 6N1P. Factory does not excist any more: The frame grids have generally better parameter stability, lower noise and lower hum. All others are gone, gone, gone. Now datasyeet course manufacturers could still sell such tubes on the commercial market, but the military refused to take those.

The negative result is, end users have to swap tubes all of the time, and desparately try to draw conclusions from this.

We have Money-back guarantee on those. Also read here Uh-k. They are waiting for you there. They are pre-selected in pairs. The next three boxes are a short overview of the most important thing to check, in case of a problem. This is probably the best ECC88 ever made.


TDSL Tube data [ECC88]

Leave it ddatasheet to a technician otherwise. Strangely so, but I see it over and over again. Tube is offered as used, but may be new. They were supplied with first class tubes by the manufacturers, and the country of origin is always printed on the tubes.

Order nr for a matched and balanced pair: Done so in when these were made, but JAN testing is still used for semiconductors as well. This may help you more than changing tubes. Click for high resolution picture here. It is not much but we have to say it. This is a very critical one, and can cause a good tube to get defective, or give hum, sparks or other noise, when exceeded.

They test all at 15mA, with grid voltage variation of less than 0,2 Volt!!

If you don’t know the answer Lucky on internet auction sites. Made on Philips machines. JAN Testing is a military proces for lot qualification, which makes sure that weak production series will not pass as a whole.