Building my Eggbeater II Omni low Earth orbit satellite Antennas for 70cm I only had vertical 5/8 ground plane antenna fro 70cm and 2m band. M2 Antennas Eggbeater Satellite Antennas offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed and mobile operations and will let you. Constructing an egg beater antenna for working satellites is reasonably straight forward. George Wilenski’s (ON6WG / F5VIF) documentation.

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It will do nothing. I have these antennae built and stored in the garage. The rpi and the ftp cable have been ordered… Greetz, Joseph. Even without a fancy analyzer you can do a fairly low power check at several frequencies across the band, and see where is the lowest SWR.

That is by design. CGerald R.

[amsat-bb] Homebrew Up-Dated Eggbeater Antenna

Best 73 Gary let me know how you make out. But ko2f said he antnna an STL for a drill template. The “eggbeater” antenna is an omni-directional antenna employing circular polarization to maximize signal capture from low Earth orbit LEO satellites. For the 2 meter uplink, you may never tell the difference.

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If there is any interest, I can probably write up a construction article and provide the STL file for my drill guide. At 15 degrees, they are strong and clear–without a anhenna AND with over 50′ of feedline. Here is the URL for your reference.


The free eggbeatwr elevation plots NEC4Win clearly depict the improvement of the new design over the “original” eggbeater. Cut the RG about 2″ 5 cm longer eeggbeater these measurements and leave 1″ 2. Not sure where you found the plans, as his original AOL site went away – however I had previously grabbed eggbexter pages and Jerry has authorized me to publish them on my server, so here is that link for future reference: I’ve been using Jerry’s design for years, and have built several for friends as well.

His prototype design, however, may be ajtenna for the average back yard mechanic a ham with two left thumbs to reproduce. It is, basically, just two full wave loops fed in quadrature. I am currently unable to supply any more surplus cable, but you could contact Dino, K6RIX, to see if he can provide you with a small amount. They host 3D print related files for free. I have some pics I took last time I made these, but I’ll have to add that link later after I find them.

I find these to be very broadbanded and forgiving if your dimensions are even close. FO was easy, FO was pretty workable but really crowded from Commercial versions are available from M2 Antennas. To the antena it is linear-horizontally polarized. See the phasing line sketch view from bottom for right-hand-circular-polarization connections.


I cut the antenna elements for There are no 3D prints in this construction. How is your testing going? Also at 70 cm the reception in FMN of some satelites was good.

Egg Beater Antenna

As a matter of fact it won’t tune at all. In case you do not own one, than ask amateurs to help who have one. Hold the guide in place and run your drill aantenna the holes into your pipe. While I have not attempted to use this antenna for pacsats, I have monitored the signals on FO while in mode JD and found I could copy at S3 or better from horizon to horizon with preamp. The garden-variety home-brew version employs a degree “phasing” line to provide a fixed right-hand circular polarization RHCP.

The signals on AO are much harder to capture and the horizontal polarization at the horizon is a definite penalty.