Path: /eico/b/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this. DESCRIPTION. Your new EICO Model Resistance-Capacitance-. Comparator Bridge, was designed to measure practically all resistances and capacitances. The article currently covers the EICO series, PACO C, Knight KG, Heathkit C-2 and C-3, etc. (More models will be added on an ongoing basis as I.

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One of the best, and most often overlooked features of a bridge-type capacitor tester like this is the power factor ejco for electrolytics. Skip to main content. Dec Mon 31, 7: Email required Address never made public.

EICO 950B – Repair/Restoration

Before replacing the ones currently installed, I’ll double check the accuracy of the instrument. The electrolytics I crufted two big sprague atom caps in series to meet the voltage requirement.

Recently I have begun what might be the start of a nostalgic journey in vacuum tubes. Unless your photo is wrong, the model had a plastic pointer that reached all the way to the outer scale. The only draw back is that the unit doesn’t have a volt meter so you should check the voltage control using a vom as I first did to see if the marks on the voltage scale are close.


Especially the V 0.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Eico B resistance/capacitance/comparator bridge

If the shadow does not open very far, or it appears blurry or out of focus, then you need to start changing the bridge caps out. I was checking an electrolytic V uF cap and rand down ejco voltage pot from V to 0 and saw some blue flashes from inside.

It’s quite accurate for resistance and capacitance measurement given the limitations, certainly good enough for radio repair. The EICO B, the resistance capacitance bridge and the capacitor leak tester — I do have other tiny things that can measure capacitance, but nothing compares to this one, or the Heathkit or a high voltage DC capacitor leak tester. Users browsing this forum: Exceeds expectations in every detail – restoration beyond actual eras original accuracy – thx u.

For a moment I saw it through the eye tube glass. If you eixo develop the habit of always starting off with the voltage at zero, and always returning it to zero after taking a reading, you will never have to worry about someone filming your eclectic dance moves accompanied with interesting exclamations and posting it on YouTube for everyone to view. Ed Engelken, Google [Bot] and 8 guests.

Superb Craftsmanship throughout – well packed 950n Exceeds expectations in every detail – restoration beyond actual eras original accuracy – thx u Verified purchase: It worked when I got it; but, I decided that it needed to be overhauled to insure that it continued to work well. Here is the long pointer knob on a You could google it to find more details. The manual that I printed for my unit has a copyright date on it.


I was looking for a decent heathkit or the EICO to help me restore it when I stumbled upon this little treasure. I have recapped and redone some wiring and retubed the unit.

Repairs should only be attempted by a qualified 950v.

As far as testing values, I can do that with my cheap capacitance meter; but, I still want this tester working as best it can. While Eicl wait for my precision caps to arrive, I can finish rest of the tasks, replace the last few 0.

Jun Sun 16, 8: Yes, I learned it the hard way. I contacted the seller and he was a TV repairman from Massachusetts.

Eico: eico model 950b bridge construction

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