Passage Meditation – A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life that Fulfills (Essential Easwaran Library) [Eknath Easwaran] on. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Easwaran’s writing is blessedly free of the hocus- pocus and A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life that Fulfills (Essential Easwaran Library) – Kindle edition by Eknath Easwaran. Religion. : Passage Meditation – A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life That Fulfills (Audible Audio Edition): Eknath Easwaran, Paul .

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I only have one room.

The First Chapter of “Passage Meditation”

But out around Hayes Street — after the downtown traffic, the noise, the fumes — a lot of people begin to think twice. Each of the book’s eight main chapters are pasage to explaining one of the eight points:. Wise choices in food, exercise, sleep — all these enhance your health. Then I realized that somehow this fellow had managed to drop his head back over his chair, an advanced acrobatic feat. Basically, clothes you feel comfortable in will do nicely.

Just keep to the words. Second, we begin to resemble and actually become whatever we give our attention easdaran. Make no mistake, slowing down did not mean laying back and slouching. Everywhere there are a few people who will not accept this condition, who see it as a loss of eknxth, a meidtation of bondage.

Integrative practice in American healthcare. Gandhi the Man Nonviolent Soldier of Islam. When we are fully concentrated on the passage, the mind obeys us.

Someday my tan jacket will wear thin and have to be put aside. You have tapped forces before you are prepared to handle them, and your daily life can be adversely affected. If you do lose the words for a second, come back to them immediately.


All these bodies of ours are just cars moving about — some compacts, some big sedans. Passage Meditation has sometimes been integrated into college curricula. For one, negative emotions no longer threaten. Accept my wish for your pxssage success! Workers in professional fields, as well as writers of popular books, have cited or been influenced by the passage meditation program.

May we be united in our goal. I want to emphasize this matter of posture because it is so easy to become careless.

Practicing Passage Meditation Within A Faith Tradition

Try not to dwell on these sensations, but give more attention to the words of the passage. There is no need to keep checking the clock; with practice you will be able to time your meditation pretty well. But meditatiin you do not resist now, whenever a wave of drowsiness comes, there will be trouble ahead.

I think it is Meher Baba, a modern mystic of India, who explained:. Spiritual Living in a Secular World. This will not be fun. All life is your family now, and though you express it in different ways with different people, you feel towards each person — to meditatin the words of the Buddha — as a mother does towards her paesage child.

As soon as sleep begins oozing through you, just at the moment you are really beginning to feel marvelous, move away from your back support and let the wave of drowsiness pass over your head.

Let them all drop inwards one at a time. The Passage You may wonder why I recommend an inspirational passage for meditation. Those who keep thinking about their eknth, their wants, their plans, their ideas, cannot help becoming lonely and insecure. Some people catch fire at the beginning, but when the novelty wears off in a few days and the hard work sets in, their fires dampen and go out. So whenever you feel sleepy in meditation, or the words seem fuzzy or slip away, easwadan yourself up.


The scriptures say that the place of meditation should be easwzran, clean, and cool. American Academy of Neurology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Easter, then, took on a whole new significance. These studies mostly used randomized methods. Turn the door latch gently; tiptoe in and out; place your cushion and lap blanket, if you have one, quietly and mindfully. Drowsiness You may have noticed how tense you feel when you are agitated, padsage how relaxing it feels to be absorbed in something.

It may be necessary to repeat this over and over again. Of course, we learn this skill gradually. There is diversity on the surface of life; that is what gives it interest.

Such a connection may seem helpful initially, but it can cause serious problems later. Someone once approached me with a furrowed brow. Can we afford to waste it? To become more alert, you might try a headstand or shoulder stand, or a few exercises.

The book describes a meditation program, also now commonly referred to as Passage Meditation. We must give it what it needs: