: El exorcista: E Planeta – pp PA. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Peter Blatty (Nueva York, ) es el aclamado autor de El exorcista () y del guión cinematográfico de la. of 15 results for Books: “William P. Blatty” Exorcist by William P Blatty ( ). by William P Blatty El Exorcista (The Exorcist).

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I guess times and tastes have changed.

The mismatched, demonic eyes Here it is almost little more than a contest of one-upmanship…and so many characters seem ready to play. The Exorcist Legion The protagonist might well be going through some kind of brain malignancy, and Blatty describes some odd neural phenomena as well as introducing the necessary supernatural stuff.

After discovering a small statue of the demon Pazuzu an actual ancient Assyrian demigoda series of omens alerts him to a pending confrontation with a powerful evil, which, ep to the reader at this point, he has battled before in an exorcism in Africa. In some extreme cases priests were called.

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

This was a special and very memorable experience. View all 11 comments. His ever consuming desire to be rid of his duties and yet, to be able to help people. Highly recommended, it is classic terror.

But the devil keeps advertising, Father. It’s written strongly and laced with undertones of an exhausted father who’s children just refuse to see the light, despite all of the “facts” to the contrary. Hardcoverpages. Since some others may call as unrealistic, to believe in gods or higher powers, No fue una adaptacion super fiel, pero respetan mucho el material original sobretodo con la ambientacion.


All conversations with the demon and ell slow, devastating change of Regan. Para terminar dejo un fragmento de uno bllatty los varios momentos mas OMG a mi parecer. In horror genre, ‘Ghost Stories’ are my favorite genre and this book just ‘Fit to a T’.

About William Peter Blatty.

I think that the most effective element on the construction of the story bblatty that you get a lot of arguments and plausible explanations of what it’s going on, so in some reverse psychology gimmick, you get to believe more and more that Regan is indeed possessed by a demon. So I gladly mucked up my heart and my mind with grotesque language and offensive, vivid details in order to finish. Aug 07, Aileene rated it did not like it Recommended to Aileene by: I wanted to see if they talked about all of the Black Mass stuff and different things that were in-depth in the book because I can’t remember any of bpatty stuff it was so long ago.

Apr 24, Donna rated it really liked it. View all 46 comments. Highly recommended for those who love a great thrill ride and can stomach some graphic descriptions and language. A little how the Matrix sequels ruined what I thought had been the best movie ever.

I liked how the author had created the characters especially Father Damien Karras and Lt. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Exorcist

The true heart of this work lies with its main protagonist Lieutenant Kinderman, a Jewish man devoted to his family and friends whose calm demeanor is slowly being chipped away from his job.

I think sometimes people focus on just one thing. When Regan begins to exhibit strange behaviours, Chris cannot help but seek out some medical advice, none of which yields firm answers.


A thoughtful meditation on the nature of good, evil, and God, disguised as a horror-tinged thriller.

The story opens with a scene in rl archae I am giving the book a rating of 4. It had me questioning myself, faith, society, everything. Hoping for a result that makes sense. Abruptly the man in khaki sagged. I loved how that chapter coalesced and that was the part where the book started picking up pace and things started becoming abysmal! Until this week, Willism had never read the source novel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Exorcist (novel) – Wikipedia

So here’s your warning, dear blattt readers. The plot of The Exorcist is widely known to practically everyone, but if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie I strongly encourage you to do both – in that order – and then come back to read my ramblings. Their meeting was as exhilarating as it was frightening. I thoroughly enjoy watching this movie and have done so on multiple occasions.

Unfortunately the story is a little cheesy in some ways, and the Exorcist is more original in its timebut this was a worthy follow-up that deserves a read.