The Vatican Sayings (Unabridged). This collection of maxims, titled “The Sayings of Epicurus” – or alternatively, “The Voice of Epicurus” – was rediscovered in. THE VATICAN COLLECTION OF EPICUREAN SAYINGS Introduction The as some of the Principal Doctrines, and some are not by Epicurus himself but rather . 2 quotes from Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: ‘The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to sha.

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There is no advantage to obtaining protection from other men so long as we are alarmed by events above or below the earth or in general by whatever happens in the boundless universe. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

The greatest fruit of self-sufficiency is freedom.

Employing frankness in my study of natural philosophy, I would prefer to proclaim in oracular fashion what is beneficial to men, even if no one is going to understand, rather than to assent to [common] opinions and so enjoy the constant praise which comes from the many.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. These matters are discussed at greater length in Letter to Menoikos, Section and following. Another curiosity is that he considers the soul to be material. The first step towards salvation is to attend to one’s youth and guard against that which defiles everything through maddening desires. The wise man feels no more pain when being tortured himself than when his friend tortured.

But it was worth the read. Arrighetti as published in Epicuro Opere Torino: This list, compiled by an unknown author, was discovered in at the Vatican.

A blessed and indestructible being has no trouble himself and brings no trouble upon any other being; so he is free from anger and partiality, for all such things imply weakness. That you be not checked by one or more of these provisos is impossible; for a man never gets any good from sexual passion, and he is fortunate if he does not receive harm.


Nature is weak in the face of the bad, not the good; for it is preserved by pleasures and dissolved by pains. If I were to be a philosopher, this work would have to be high on my list. It is pointless for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself.

Every pain is easy to disregard; for that which is intense is of brief duration, and those bodily pains that last long are mild.

The benefits of other activities come only to those who have already become, with great difficulty, complete masters of such pursuits, but in the study of philosophy pleasure accompanies growing knowledge; for pleasure does not follow learning; rather, learning and pleasure advance side by side.

Mike rated it really liked it Jul 18, We should find solace for misfortune in the happy memory of what has been and in the knowledge that what has been cannot be undone. Patrick Riazi rated it liked it Sep 08, For I have been attacked by a painful inability to urinate, and also dysentery, so violent that nothing can be added to the violence of my sufferings.

One must not pretend to philosophize, but philosophize in reality.

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The text provided here generally follows that of Hermann Usener as published in his Epicureawith some attention paid to the texts of G.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Friendship dances around the world bidding us all to awaken to the recognition of happiness. It is vain to ask of the gods what a man is capable of supplying for himself. Most beautiful too is the sight of those near and dear to us, when our original kinship makes us of one mind; for such sight is great incitement to this end.


Epicurus Quotes by Epicurus

The soul neither rids itself of disturbance nor gains a worthwhile joy through the possession of greatest wealth, nor by the honor and admiration bestowed by the crowd, or through any of the other things sought by unlimited desire. Friendship sayinga around the world announcing to all of us that we must wake up to blessedness.

We should not view the young man as happy, but rather the old man whose life has been fortunate. No one when he sees evil deliberately chooses it, but is enticed by it as being good in comparison with eoicurus greater evil and so pursues it. The Vatican Collection of Sayings is a list of Epicurean maxims. Misfortunes must be cured by a sense of gratitude for vztican has been and the knowledge that what is past cannot be undone.

So the focus is on how we live and how we ought to live. Write a customer review.

And we will persuade her by fulfilling the necessary desires, and the natural ones too if they do not harm [us], but sharply rejecting the vtaican ones.