Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 2, , Brigitte Bargetz and others published Equaliberty: political essays. It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Political Essays, transl. Equaliberty: Political Essays by ÉtienneBalibar(trans. James Ingram).Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp., £, ISBN.

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On the Limits of Political Philosophy. As the gains of classical liberal citizenship are transformed by neoliberal strategies of governance as identified by Foucault, Brown and others, so the essential gaps, lacunae and tensions are exposed, indicating eseays struggle and contestation are always present and possible.

Implicit here is a somewhat Schmittian insight.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

Indeed, this continual problematization of the conditions for citizenship might be considered to be an exemplary manifestation of what it means to be a critical citizen. Therefore, in one sense, equaliberty is the ultimate truth cf.

Etienne Balibar – – Iris. Balibar works to problematize the institution of citizenship. However, he is not convinced by the universal applicability of this argument, believing Brown’s theory of de-democratization to reflect the particularity of American society.

The confrontation of institutional logics, where law sanctions the universalizing force of obligation and social relations of forces including the moral and ideological, represents a permanent equalibertt of politics At the equalibergy time, he seeks to keep rights discourse open, eschewing natural entitlements in favor of a deterritorialized citizenship that could be expanded and invented anew in the age of globalization.

Sign in Create an account. Those mediators are fraternity and property.

The current period with its governmentalizing logic is characterized by both the imposition of eessays and the promotion of individual inequality. Vermeren – – Diogenes 55 4: Such an approach, he argues, recognizes that the process of instituting norms is not something external to the construction of the universal and the institution of modern citizenship but that in fact the determination of norms dqualiberty conduct is the hidden face of citizenship Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, 9: No keywords specified fix it.


This is partly captured by the belief that equality is economic or social while freedom is juridical-political and institutional.


Sign in to use this feature. If we think of Balibar’s engagement with the politics of Europe and the question of what it means to be European, then we immediately see the radicalism of such an argument, particularly in relation to attempts to legitimize European integration.

Extensive universality is defined quantitatively. It is helpful to clarify I and II separately, as each of them point to slightly different facets of equaliberty. Foucault shows how the modern state individualizes through disciplinary mechanisms equzliberty differentiated management of social practices.

However, it is already on logical grounds that exclusion here is still implied, as excluding exclusion is still excluding.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

That is to say, the truth-proposition, once discovered and here one can indeed account for an Event with a capital E [namely: The question today is what remains of universalism when its principle is denounced by theorists of liberalism and undermined by the relativization of the political borders within which it was being instituted. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate 2 3: Law in the Age of Pluralism. Constitutional and Political Theory: Duke University Press Social and Political Philosophy.

The Theological-Political Tension in Liberalism. Ethics in the Public Domain: No categories specified categorize this paper.

At the same time, he seeks to keep rights discourse open, eschewing natural entitlements in favor of a deterritorialized citizenship that could be expanded and invented anew in the age of globalization. By contrast, intensive universality concerns an intrinsic quality, which has universal validity on a priori grounds. Andrei Marmor – – Oup Usa.


Neither liberty nor equality demands a consensus with the other. A different perspective on the crisis is provided by examining how it exacerbates the internal contradictions of social citizenship and, in particular, how the continuous progress of basic rights comes up against the articulation of individual autonomy.

Citizenship is here actualised on the grounds of diverging forms of national or federal citizenships Political Theory in Social and Political Philosophy. History of Western Philosophy. Andrei Marmor – – Oup Usa. However, it should be noted that this is not to say that there are no practical consequences to be drawn from the radical chasm between both dimensions of universality, between the principle of popular sovereignty and an instituted constitutional order World Borders, Political Borders.

Both appear in antithetical form, similar to equaliberty itself. A Tie To Be Tied: Etienne Balibar – – Iris.

This entry has no external links. Science Logic and Mathematics. He finds the tension between these different kinds of rights to be ingrained in the constitution of the modern nation-state and the contemporary welfare state. Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy.

Étienne Balibar, Equaliberty: Political Essays – PhilPapers

Crucially, equaliberty becomes material via practical commitment, itself being a conscious act of the emerging self. Balibar suggests we combine the ‘idea of this differential of insurrection and constitution with the representation of a community without politicap, in a process of reproduction and transformation’ 9. Sign in to use this feature. This entry has no external links.