c) Estertores crepitantes y subcrepitantes. d) Radiopacidad en forma de velo. e) Hacinamiento y contaminación ambiental. f) Que exista derrame pleural. Spanish term or phrase: subcrepitantes basales. English translation: bibasilar subcrepitant rales. Entered by: Parrot. En casos de caverna muy grande y de paredes lisas. y en neumotórax siempre que haya condensación asociada.

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subcrepitantes basales

The health care team will listen to the infant’s chest with a [ First, six fifth-year medical students were divided into three groups of two and were asked to select the potential articles for the study.

She was treated wit h trimetroprim -s ulfametoxazol, hydrocortisone and non-invasive ventilation because of suspicion of pneumocistosis. Survey of adventitious lung sound terminology in case reports.

Previous studies have obtained similar results. Inappropriate use of pulmonary auscultation terms describing adventitious sounds remains common and widespread in Brazilian medical publications.

Table 4 shows the inappropriateness of the terms by state. The history and physical examination. SCS Quadra 1, Bl. We observed no significant differences among specialties of the authors in the terms used.


Crwpitantes to enter a peer comment or grade. In addition, there were no significant differences among the various regions of the country or between the periods prior to and after the dissemination of international nomenclature.


Listening to the chest with a stethoscope auscultation reveals sounds. It does not match my search. Table 1 shows the description estertkres continuous sounds in pulmonary auscultation. The wrong words are highlighted. The appropriateness of terms used to describe adventitious sounds was assessed. However, there is still much confusion regarding the terminology used to describe pulmonary auscultation.

This is often the case as a pulmonary problem, such as pulmonary edema, worsens.

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. The chi-square test was used to analyze categorical data.

Fine crackles are produced by the serial aperture of previously closed airways. We found that the inappropriate use of terms was more frequent when intermittent sounds were described than when continuous sounds were described Due to the number of publications, the states were divided into three groups, by region: At the other extreme, infections with LPAI viruses may be associated with severe clinical [ Coarse crackles are audible at the beginning of the inspiration and throughout the expiration, and they clearly change with cough.

The results of the present study show the high prevalence of inappropriate terms used to describe adventitious sounds, especially those related to intermittent sounds. Subcrepitant Rales are of medium pitch but lack the crackling quality of crepitant rales.

Automatic update in The selection of one journal from each of three medical fields was defined a priori as representative of Brazilian medical publications: Parrot KudoZ activity Questions: Spanish PRO pts in pair: As fluid moves from the alveoli into the bronchioles, crepitant rales may become subcrepitant.


It is questionable as to whether this journal is representative of the clinical practice field. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple setertores that takes only a couple of minutes. Thank you very much for your vote! Rhonchi are deep sounds of lower frequency and wheezes are high sounds of higher frequency.

The a -error was pre-established at 0. Disorders of the respiratory tract in children.

estertores crepitantes – English translation – Linguee

In addition, the use of inappropriate terms occurred esstertores all regions of the country. This descriptive study aimed to evaluate the appropriateness of the use of pulmonary auscultation terms in articles about respiratory diseases published in Brazilian medical journals. Nor were any significant differences observed between pulmonologists and physicians engaged in other specialties This indicates that medical researchers do not give this terminology the value it deserves.