Out of a total of 24 Mannan tribal settlements in Idukki district only two ISBN: Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants Materials and. ethnobotanical study carried out among the tribal groups of Periyar Tiger Reserve Keywords: Ethnogynecology, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, Mannan tribes. Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam, Anup Biswas, Abdul Mannan, Nusrat Anik . G. J. Martin, Ethnobotany: A “People and Plants” Conservation.

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Fallen trunk, large leaves, small red, very tart fruit. Paste is made with seed powder of the ethnonotany and the juice of leaf of Senna tora. Elucidation of the mode of actions of plants individually is beyond the scope of this study. Most critically, mosses lack a network of tubes to transport water through the plant. Headmen and Mibus of the hamlet were consulted to have easy access to the people and also to get uninhibited flow of information.

Putting Ocimum tenuiflorum in hot water and breathing the vapors is a widely known remedy for a head cold and nasal congestion on many islands in Micronesia. Table 2 Scientific names and other relevant information.

Ethnobotany of Micronesia: A course companion

Available Asparagus racemosus Willd Liliaceae Vernacular names: Their customs are rooted in supernatural beliefs ofthe soul ofa dead king entering the consciousness ofa newly installed king as this is observed in their traditional ‘Koothu’ ceremony. Leaves of Alternanthera sessilis are also considered edible in Papua New Guinea [ 24 ]; the surveyed population consumed leaves and stems.

When sick, one seeks medicine. Paste ethnobotny rhizomes is applied until the area is cured. Very rare Plant Conservation Practices of Mising Mising people have a rich tradition of religion and medicinal practices. Several ethnobotaby also reported this kind of polyherbal treatment [ — ].

Some ofabout households inhabit in the region with each household comprising of members. Renal complications Aerva lanata L. A day is fixed Generally Wednesday for Dobur ritual considering all relevant aspects and convenience. Human beings need food for survival and to satiate their hunger. Some plants appear to attract animals intentionally.

  1984 XL350R PDF

The sperm is contained in a microscopic particle called pollen that is carried on the wind. Terrestral fern, Fronds large, pinnate, sessile, found in marshy place. In Kosrae, a baby that does not hiccup is considered nannans be ill and in need of ono in misen tulik medicine for sick child. Koche DCH Description: This type of knowledge should be considered private and be kept that way. The cultural uses of plants will examine four areas of Micronesian plant usage.

Indigenous peoples are those descendants of the original inhabitants of a location. Root decoction is used as health tonic, it is diuretic, ophthalmic, galactagogue, aphrodisiac and carminative. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids—tumorigenic components in Chinese herbal medicines and dietary supplements.

For a plant the battle is for sunlight or death. Frequent field surveys were made. The following table is roughly in an order in which one could encounter the plants on a walk through the Pohnpei Pwunso botanic garden. Jati malkathi DCH All plants used in Apong preparation have certain medicinal properties. Mosses do not have roots manhans which to drill down to underground water. Although Kazuhide Aruga could not remember the kannans location of the graves, he seemed to remember the general area as indeed being the location of the original cemetery.

The Mising people have themselves categorized the plants as available, rare and very rare. Where a word is mmannans repeatedly in a section, sometimes only the lead instance is provided the Kitti alternate. Senna alata is used to treat the same skin fungus across not just Micronesia but throughout the Pacific basin. Second, learn the pruning, preening, and cleaning ground rules for the garden.

Though they are not allowed to participate in Dobur Uie but due to their vast knowledge about the different uses of plants the women were interviewed after the end of the ritual.


Michael Pollan in The Botany of Desire claims that cannabis satisfies a deep human desire for intoxication. Insomnia may last from one night to a week. Paste of leaf is applied on the infected place with tying a piece of cloth.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The tip of the plant and tip of the leaves of ‘Piro’ are tied together near the altar of the Dobur Uie Medicinal use: Caffeic acid is present in Strychnos nux-vomicaand the monomeric caffeic acid is a proven antidote against snake venoms when given as oral and parenteral administration [ ]. There are many species of Nostocand only a chemical analysis can sort out different species. Support Center Support Center. There are several examples of trees worship tradition in many parts of the world under all religions and beliefs.

Those who are childless worship this tree. Juice of leaf, fruit, and seed is also taken by grinding with milk and sugar. The old village ethnovotany or msnnans persons of the research areas were interviewed. Monga occurs due to a number of factors, lack of adequate water supply during the above months and lack of diversification of jobs most people being agricultural laborers with little cultivable land of their own.

Eight additional cultivars have been newly introduced to Pohnpei from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Suva, Fiji lslands: The leaves are used to kill the intestinal worms. Knowing that a plant is important, even if the process of use is unknown, lets conservationists work to protect the plant.

Each part of the planet developed their own crops and foods, and foods became a part of the local traditional cultural systems.