Our technical expertise allows us to create wine cabinets and wine bars that meet the five criteria that are essential for optimal wine storage: Protecting wine from. Technical Features. Electronic regulation; Temperature setting range from 9 to 15 °C; Electronic inner display and settings – digital screen; Temperature. Individually handcrafted in a thirty-step process, the EuroCave Performance will provide years of smooth, quiet, vibration-free service with the utmost ease of.

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For each model you can customize the shelving configuration: Vibration Exclusion System — the compressor has specal dampeners to prevent transfer of vibration to the interior of the cabinet, Internal fan ensuring good ventilation, Charcoal filters for cleaning incoming air recommended to be replaced once a year, price of a pack of 4 charcoal filters is cc.

Large Compact V Cabinet | EuroCave UK

You should fix it to the wall with the bracket supplied for increased stability when freestanding. Individually handcrafted in a thirty-step process, the EuroCave Performance 59 will provide years of smooth, quiet, vibration-free service with the utmost ease of operation. Lock erocave key set is a standard accessory. Full glass no frame.


EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet V – EuroCave

Fitting a wall bracket PDF. Their aim was to create wine cabinets that replicate the conditions of chateau cellars. Change from the solid laminate door to a UV filtered frameless glass door or a technical door to mount your own panel. Each individual hand is a slightly concave bottle-holder lined with rubber insets to prevent bottles from rolling, rattling, or clinking together when sliding the shelf in or out.

Eurocave ensures this with both heating and cooling processes and SRA aluminum furocave for even temperature distribution. For other door models, please allow approx 14 weeks for shipping.

The compressor is completely separated from the cabinet and stands on high performance silent blocks. Full glass no frame The advantages of the Compact range: High Capacity, Sturdy Shelving: Z to A Reference: Read a review on the Eurocave Le Petite wine cooler and preservation system that stores 12 bottles of wine.

The 6 to 10 temperature levels allow you to bring several types of wine to the ideal drinking temperature within one cabinet.


Eurocave V259

High density fiber Insulation Type: Download Eurocave manual — here. This Eurocave cabinet comes with a separate vent for air intake and aire output. Label Origine France To ensure quality, our cellarsare designed and manufactured in France.

These can slide or be removed so that all bottles fit perfectly. Resistance Hot air release: Wine Cabinet Features Temperature Control: Template Compact Vent Euroave.

Treated inoxidizable steel Bottle lighting: Low heat display LED lighting enables easy viewing of your wine collection and enhances the showcase feature of the display shelf. Light Timber Shelving Spacing: Up to 14 shelves. Internal UV free lighting Noise: Contact Us to Order. A cabinet with a solid door will be a few hundred dollars cheaper, but if you want to admire and show off your prized wines then go for the full glass door.

The advantages of the Compact range: Right or left hinge Full Glass Door interchangeable Security: