Evertz MVP, Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Systems. 3 Evertz MPV Multi- Image Display and Monitoring Systems of different configurations and IN and. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by AV-iQ. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by SPINITAR.

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Returns to the Display Manager page view. Option to clear the output display of the selected display.

A Solid State Logic Company. Autograph Sound Recording Ltd. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as damage to the power-supply cord or plug, contact with liquid or any object small enough to enter the apparatusexposure to rain or moisture, drop damage, or upon experiencing any abnormal operation.

Display Systems International, Inc. A maximum of 8 fault messages can be displayed in one object. Returns to the previous page BackHome page or Design view. Place a check next to video fault to be used to trigger fault message. Choose the active colour for Critical, Major, and Minor. Resolution Tab Use the resolution tab to setup the output resolution of the selected display card from the device list.


Option to load a previously created evrrtz this option opens a dialogue window from which a preset can be selected. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Guangzhou Osoto Electronic Equipment Co. Select the clock object to change the clock properties: The System Configuration can be selected under the Tools file menu.

Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. Clean only with a dry cloth. Acebil Camera Support Equipment. Monitor Object Property Window For convenience, data transfer is simplified without the need to re-create all the VIP systems by transferring the contents of the system folders using the following instructions: Astatic Commercial Audio Products.

This is typically the case in systems where there is greater than 2 display cards. If you encounter an error, please notify Evertz Customer Service department. Preset Save and Save As options.

MVP® | Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System | Evertz | SPINITAR

The possibility of displaying any input signal to any output monitor can now be realized without the need for DAs or upstream monitor routers. Set the color and opacity of the text used in the fault message. If using a mix input format solution 50 and 60Hz then choose the output refresh rate that matches the majority of inputs.


Historical term used in video industry to denote a text display directly underneath a video source. Used with VIP hardware to pull back current layout from hardware and display in Maestro. Select a display and right click to access the following options: It is not possible to use a reset created for the MVP system.

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Returns the user to the System Manager page view. Do you currently own this product? Thomas Regout International B.

Quest Technology International Inc. Set the color and opacity of the inactive text used on the tally message. See MVP or hardware manual for further upgrade details. Use Properties window to configure the fault trigger settings and visual properties.

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Copy these folders over to your freshly installed VIP Maestro on the other computer – in the same sub-directory location 4. Fit Video Using 4×3 Aspect: Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. Analog clocks are only mv; for the MVP.