Fado Alexandrino. Antonio Lobo Antunes, Author, Gregory Rabassa, Translator Grove/Atlantic $ (p) ISBN António Lobo Antunes, who has been called “one of Portugal’s pre-eminent writers” by The New York Times, was born in Lisbon in , where he still resides. But ”Fado Alexandrino” is a vastly different book – more ambitious, more complex and, inevitably perhaps, far more difficult. The one lonely.

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There’s a second lieutenant from a humble background, married into a rich family who flee to Brazil when the Revolution occurs. My problem is that I found it dragging. May 26, Philip Lane rated it really liked it. Instead, we get a first-person narrative from an unnamed female character.

Fado Alexandrino by António Lobo Antunes

To gain money to take Odete out, the Soldier started accepting money for sex from a year-old man, a painter. Oct 12, Daniel Pinto rated it really liked it. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Just before the uprising, the Second Lieutenant had an affair with a woman named Ilda, who got pregnant.

He continues to court Odete even as he provided sex for money to the old painter and others. I didn’t enjoy it as fully as I did his The Land at the End of the World, which I would say is his masterpiece, and I even skipped a few chapters near the end of the book, but if you like this author, alexandirno Not an easy book to read but worth the time and energy spent.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Her mother remarried a man who raped her before she was sent to Lisbon to work as a maid. Fourth is a communications officer also referred to as “Lieutenant” which caused me no end of fzdo at first an underground Communist agitator, jailed for his pains before being freed after April 25th.



The police find the body of the Communications Officer, pick up the prostitutes for questioning, and are on the trail of the soldiers. They plan a robbery, which goes awry when the car crashes.

Even when something interesting happened, I didn’t care because it took so long to get to it. Though superficially the characters alexanndrino of different ranks, social classes, faod political persuasions, they all tend to have similar overall experiences after the war as each one has nothing but difficulties with women and is unable to fully adapt to the new political landscape brought on by the Revolution.

After the husband of the house died, the woman brought home a boy that the two raised together. The Lieutenant Colonel was alexandrnio and taken to Captain Mendes. An ordinary soldier, easygoing and with quick sympathies, who works for his uncle and is in love with the uncle’s stepdaughter, is the fourth member of the group. Nov 07, Matthew Stowell rated it really liked it.

Over the course of one long, long night five military men who fought in the Portuguese Colonial Wars get blasted and tell their life stories from “before the revolution,” “during the revolution,” and “after the revolution. War, we all know, is hell, but the peace for the four veterans of noted Portuguese novelist Antunes’ latest South of Nowhere, may alexadnrino worse.

Lobo Antunes, whose other works I didn’t know, has written a nearly page aalexandrino which definitely is not for everyone.

For fdao pages we follow these soldiers and their wives, girlfriends, bosses, oomrades lives for better or worse mostly for worse. Antunes skillfully weaves the tangle alsxandrino stories and memories, but the unremitting nastiness of what he describes is ultimately too much–it is numbing. The Lieutenant-Colonel, whose first wife died while he was in Mozambique, has married again–but not happily–and his career has advanced despite his rather ambiguous support of the revolution that ended the dictatorship of Salazar.

The novel covers their return to Lisbon, the resumption or crumbling of their previous lives, and then the onset of the bloodless Portuguese revolution of April 25, In each part, chapters 1, 5, and 9 are centered on the Soldier; 2, 6, and 10 on the Lieutenant Colonel; 3, 7, and 11 on the Communications Officer; and 4, 8, and 12 on the Second Lieutenant.


That this is the case even in English is a tribute to the famous translator Gregory Rabassa, who almost single-handedly, brilliantly, has brought Portuguese-language literature to English readers. Lobo Antunes is a demanding author, especially in this book, which is one of his least accessible, but every page or so alexanerino come upon a sentence or phrase so extraordinary, you have to stop and savor it and usually write it down.

Maria rated it really liked it Jan 15, The Soldier suddenly stabs the Communications Alexandgino in the back with a knife.

Fado Alexandrino

The Angolan war for independence later became subject to many of his novels. This was a challenging and very difficult book to understand and read. Problemet er at boka mangler noen som helst form for struktur. He recalls bargaining to buy a young girl in Mozambique who has one miscarriage and one successful birth. And filled with detritus. I found myself struggling to distinguish the characters, locations and times because much of the narrative is stream of consciousness and not everyone is given a name.

But, if you like a slow, tedious narrative, give it a shot. Five men are rado a reunion on the 10th anniversary of their return from Mozambique having served in the Portugese army at the very end of the occupation of Mozambique, returning home just before the overthrow of the Portugese dictatorship. Man man man ik ben er in alrxandrinomaar als een halve bladzijde 1 zin is