Wedding gift?
Split the costs with Cringle.
BBQ with friends?
Split the costs with Cringle.
Shared groceries?
Split the costs with Cringle.
Brunch with your friends?
Split the costs with Cringle.

Send & request money

With Cringle you can send money to every mobile phone number. You don't need the recipients IBAN nor TANs to confirm.

Simply choose a recipient from your contacts, enter the amount and confirm the transaction with your Cringle-PIN or Touch ID using your finger.

A friend owes you money? Requesting money is just as easy. Add an individual comment or emoji to your request and all of a sudden collecting money has become fun.

Borrowed money?
Choose contact
Enter amount
Send money!

Blazing fast registration

Within seconds you can register for Cringle using your existing bank account.

Once registered you can send money to everyone, no separate account, no need manage balances and completely free.

Cringle works with every German bank account.

Send money to everyone

You can cringle money to absolutely everyone.

Even people who don't have Cringle yet can receive money from you.

Your friends can accept payments without having to register or download the app. Through a link in the text message they can securely enter their own bank information. The money is then directly send to their bank account.


Each transaction with Cringle needs to be confirmed by your Cringle-PIN or Touch ID.

Your personal information is also protected by your Cringle-PIN and all communication is secured over a 256-bit SSL connection. All information is only stored on European servers.

All transactions are handled by our partner bank the Deutsche Kreditbank AG and complies with German regulations.

Security comes first!
Cringle-PIN or Touch ID
Highest security standards
European privacy policies

Completely free

Sending and requesting money with Cringle is completely free. This way it is even more fun to send money between friends.

Download Cringle now on the App Store or Play Store and send money just like text messages.