The Mystery of Providence has ratings and 64 reviews. K.M. said: Took me a while to fully appreciate the book. The first half focuses a little too mu. John Flavel, Works, vol 4 (Baynes and Son, London, ), pp. Conduct or the Mystery of providence Opened was first published in and has passed. Based on Psalm , ‘The Mystery of Providence’ by John Flavel shows how providence works for us in every stage and experience of our lives. pp.

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However – and this will explain my rating – he is quite repetitious. This was great advice. And all this has an excellent use to destroy sin, and promote holiness in the soul. To rest in the sovereignty of God is such a great comfort. Took me a while to fully appreciate the book.

Yet so often I live a very naturalistic life. I enjoyed this volume. O then, regret no more, dispute no more, but lie down meekly at your Father’s feet, and say in all cases and at all times, ‘The will of the Lord be ot.

The Mystery of Providence, John Flavel

In he removed to Dartmouth, though the Diptford emoluments were much greater. I stopped after having read the introduction and the mystey 2 chapters. You will not find an argument for meticulous providence in this book, so the title is perhaps a providebce misleading.

Books by John Flavel. What this book really challenged me was to reflect in my own lives the providence of God and His divine favor and mercy–and how God has been the one who had a better plan than I did and led me to the right direction.

He would post a summary provicence and post their comments on his blog each Thursday, and each one in the group could read his comments, and also post their comments, or respond to the comments of others concerning the book. Nov 15, Josh L rated it really liked it.


But let me quote from the Publisher’s Introduction and from brother Flavel’s text to whet your appetite. Apr 28, Graham Heslop rated it liked it. In a systematic fashion, Flavel first lays down the groundwork for the reader, surrounding the reader with all the evidences of Prov It is widely believed that Puritans were dry, old men that were difficult to understand.

The same providence of God is in the conversion of our souls, the work we do, our family, and the persecutions we endure because of evil in the world. The book is excellent.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel

To know that He cares for His children and that He truly works all things together for their good as well as His glory brings joy and contentment to providdence earthly existence. I was introduced to this Review of the Mystery of Providence Tim Challies blog site invited his readers and has done previously to read a classics Christian book together, reading 1 chapter per week.

I would especially recommend this book to anyone who is suffering. May 02, Trish rated it it was amazing. This book does not encourages me in my faith, nor does it show me unknown features of my awesome God.

Jan 09, Matt Crawford rated it really liked it. Read along with Challies: He continually uses og not as God’s foreknowledge or plan but simply God in action. Certainly not a good book to give to non-Christians, but then again, that was not the public the writer had in mind. Instead of the stories Spurgeon peppers his writing with, Flavel brings along a host of historic examples that brighten up his already pastoral style.

It also does not make me happy, nor do ;rovidence feel exhorted by its message. I highly recommend this book, and if you are able to, read it with another person willing to discuss it together, or a small group.


The Mystery of Providence

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. First published in and written by John Flavel, this book is one in my Puritan Reading challenge books. Jun 10, John rated it it was amazing. You can also check out our ministry which trusts in the providence of God www. A few favorite quotes: It is no accident that we are born when and where we are, with the parents we have, and in the way we have been raised.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel. An excellent avenue for considering the workings of providence.

In the end he found himself obliged to remove to London, travelling by sea and narrowly escaping shipwreck in a storm, which is said to have ceased in answer to his prayers. Weiland rated it really liked it. Refresh and try again. There are books that are written for a particular season of life and experience and then are other books which, although they may be more relevant in particular seasons of life, are whole-life books.

Quotes from The Mystery Of Pr Finding that he would be safer at Dartmouth he returned there, and met with his people nightly in his own house, until inon the relaxation of the penal laws, they built a meeting-house for him. This is a wonderful book. Great book, so much meat and so much to ponder.