My initial impression of floor plan manager was that standard FPM ABAP Web Dynpro’s provided by SAP such as ESS/MSS (fite_vc*) are really good and. Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application interfaces consistent. Goals Developing and configuring Web Dynpro ABAP applications that are based on the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) framework Audience Developers of Web .

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Transient behavior means that UIBBs, which are not visible, can be removed from memory to increase the performance and the memory footprint of the application.

Permalink Aug 04, I will go into this a bit more in a separate topic. Permalink May 31, Unfortunately, I still don’t have an answer for this currently. Add Second step to GAF based floor plan manager application. Below are the steps to create a FPM application. This tutorial enhances the application created in Tutorial 1 and 2 by adding an easy example of Event-Handling.

This Video shows how a customer can integrate List Reporting by customizing an application. The application will get a Refresh-Button which triggers a re-read of the user list and the work process data from the backend.

Permalink Feb 13, Anyway I will try and explain this in a way that made sense to me and that I would have found helpful when first learning.

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Course: Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP – Springest

This tutorial explains how to create text, links and icons for the header area. This tutorial will show you how to change the layout of your FPM application. Flloor are not working anymore for some time. You know you can right-click on the video as it runs, and pause it by clicking the ‘Play’ option, right?

This tutorial will show you how to make UIBBs transient in their behavior. Now in the second view add another text view.

Permalink Feb 18, OIF will let you create a tabbed application; tabs will contain different views from a single or multiple floo. Right this is where you reference back to your actual Web Dynpro component i. Use information on this site at your own risk. You will now be presented with the following create screen with all the relevant details filled in. They should be able to help you with this. Expand the tree structure of view and double click on main view.

SAP FPM Floor plan manager basic tutorial using Web dynpro for ABAP

Join the Mailing List. You never know you may see some you have already created but wasn’t sure where they had gone! This tutorial describes how to configure a simple toolbar. This Video shows how to integrate List Reporting when developing an application.

Thank flooor and appreciate your effort. In the newly created window embed the second view, which you have created above. Hi Gayatri, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Floorplan manager supports creating and configuring applications with following floorplans. Give any text for text view, say Welcome to world of FPM.


Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP

Press Save and you should get the data successfully saved message. Glad you like the videos. I am able to view the swf file, but it goes by quickly and there is no means to pause it. This is fine we will create them now. Hi Scott, You don’t have to do anything with the. Is it a particular tutorial or several of them? Now right click on Windows and create a new Window. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime – most annoying!


As it is now, I have to stop and restart from beginning to be able to review a certain portion. It will ask for view name and description. Permalink Mar 22, Save and Active everything. It seems like rloor should be a control bar that allows stop and start of the playback.

Hi Celeste, Yes, I used that a bit. Press the Reimplement button and green icon in the Implementation State column indicates that your component is completely implemented. You learn how to define standard buttons as well as application specific UI-Elements.