The goal of this design project is to design, analyze, and manufacture a chassis for the University of Delaware FSAE team. Through extensive. Designing and constructing a chassis and suspension system for a Formula SAE racecar is a highly complex task involving the interaction of hundreds of parts. PDF | On Oct 25, , Lucas Iensen Bortoluzzi and others published Formula SAE Chassis Design to Improve Suspension Tuning.

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At that point, freeze the design and move on. Make the steering axis go through the center of the tire contact patch.

Building other systems around arbitrary frame points is a recipe ddsign disaster. Chassos a first year car, taking 10 pounds out of the chassis is without a doubt not as beneficial as finishing the car a week or two earlier. The important thing to demonstrate is that you understand the load paths experienced by the car. Just will not be competitive or easy to drive. Hello, I have a question regarding chassis design.

Designing an FSAE chassis –

You are not designing to any crash loading cases. Examples of the easy decisions: It sounds simple written out, but timelines confuse things. For deflection analysis, get some worst case suspension loads from your suspension guy.

Know their capability as far as bending radii, offsets, etc.

Once you’ve tested a couple broad concepts you should be able to get an idea for which tubes are efficiently helping the rigidity, and which tubes are just there and can be omitted or made smaller.


Thanks and race on!

Also i would like to suggest do ergonomics test. I’m used to combustion, so you might have some funky battery things that need frame considerations 4 Connect the dots with rule appropriate tubing. Having just made our first electric car albeit a monocoqueyou’re going to want to definitely want to look at the E car sections of SES. Estimate a cornering force, set a target way, FBD your way up from the tires to get the loads, and set a relatively generous safety factor to start so you don’t end up breaking all the time.

I would only run a couple iterations once you have determined that everything will fit in the car and all the required templates will pass. There’s nothing easier than over-designing the chassis and making it weigh a tonne, but that’s not my goal, not on a race car at least. Keep in mind the rules exist for safety, and a level playing field, they are not guidelines for performance I read a neat SAE paper where they compared cornering performance to torsion stiffness.

Everyone will be expected to follow section T of the rules. Try to build the CAD model so that changes can be made.

Unfortunately, and understandably, most students don’t appreciate this fact when they start projects like FSAE. Analysis includes examining the stiffness, strength, and weight of each part, as well as design chhassis.

I just don’t understand well about where the frame would be fixed so I can conduct the simulation of the front impact I’m using solidworks.


Design and optimization of a Formula SAE racecar chassis and suspension

Design your suspension first and figure out where the nodes are, then draw the chassis. Apply these loads along the correct direction to the correct nodes, and evaluate what your chassis deflections mean for vehicle dynamics.

If your frame is a wet noodle, but still meets the rules, you can drive in endurance. Does the front wheel see positive camber from pickup point deflection when fsxe


You’ll be much happier having a heavy car that completes all the event, than a “light” one that has the wheels fall off. The engine block mass attached to the mounts. Its been done more recent years though with the lot of the European schools, but Dedign know at least in the environments I’ve experienced it’s impossible to do For example I Know that it has to pass the front impact test, my question is that is the value for the impact given or is it just test it until it fails?

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. As mentioned previously, a lot of the nodes on the chassis are “pre-designed” by placement of the major components. Grip is a four letter word.