To cite this article: Leopold Bellak & Marvin S. Hurvich () A Human Modification of Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas Segun l Bellak Documents. Evaluacion Del to BASC2. Uploaded by. servicios_psicopedag · Modificacion de Conducta. Uploaded by. broken_promises · Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas. cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro. FUNCIONES YOICAS cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro.

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Parent of same sex Subjects were 28 second-graders, 14 of whom were administered the animal version first, and the human version two weeks later, and the reverse order for the other The adult is most often seen as the mother on both forms, with only a few responses of shadow or figure other than father who is seen? Much affect in telling story Adult tricks child, is not what appears to be only one check per story 1.

In an unpublished study, Haworth 1 has approached the compari- son funcilnes CAT and an experimental set of the CAT-H provided by the sen- ior author 2 with a more detailed belllak dynamically oriented evaluation scheme than is found in any of the previously published work.

We are indebted for this final version of the drawings, among other things, artistically-greatly improved, to Phyllis Hur- vich, who applied herself to the task with great devotion, understanding, and skill.

Rope breaks 2 ; chair or cane breaks 3 ; balloon breaks 4 ; 6. T h e subjects were 40 kindergarten children, ages five and one-half to seven, with a mean age of six years, two months.

In funciobes a very few cases does the child learn a lesson, and this tends to happen more often on the human form. Significant differ- ences in Transcendence Index scores were found i. Toilet naughtiness was reported with fair frequency on both forms, but with somewhat more on the human. Occasionally, having employ- ed the regular CAT and not having obtained quite a satisfactory story, it may be useful to offer the human version as a supplement in the hope of further data.


Picture seven was also a challenge. The picture on the wall is mentioned more frequently on the human form, and secrets are reported more often on the animal card. Slips of tongue with respect to sex of figures Open window 59 ; Dig, or fall in, a hole 5. Com- parison between groups was made on length of protocol, number of nouns, verbs, ego words, transcendence scores and reaction time. Results showed no significant dif- ferences between the animal and hu- man versions of the CAT on the total number of categories receiving criti- cally high scores.

Forgets, funciomes loses something 6.

Animal pictures had a significantly higher A Human Modification of the C A T number of original ideas and begin- nings and endings and scored higher on four of the remaining six response measures, though short of statistical significance.

Parent dead, goes away, or doesnt want child 5. As before, the CAT-S remains for the study funcioned special problem areas. Com- paring the consistency of defense mechanism scores between the two forms for the group as a whole, a rank order correlation of. I n constructing the CAT, there was an attempt yoocas depict scenes which would elicit material relevant to im- portant situations and problems in the childs life feeding, rivalry, ag- gression, loneliness, interactions with parental figures, etc.

PSICOTERAPIA BREVE by ana villamil on Prezi

In fact, this and Sonya Sore1 Bellak. He found the human pictures to be associated with shorter reaction time, longer stories, faster verbalization and more story themes, With the intention of providing a more crucial test of the hypothesis that young children more readily identify with animals, Budoff Downloaded by [ECU Tunciones at An attempt was made to keep all aspects of the four stimulus sets con- made.

Indecision by S or story character Perseveration of unusual content from a previous story 5. It appears that some chil- dren respond better to animal stimuli, and some to human figures, depending on particular characteristics of the child.

Funciones yoicas by Edward Müller Dirlewanger on Prezi

The grasping, evil-toothed, genii-like figure, supplemented by a steaming kettle as seen in cartoons about cannibals was introduced for that purpose.


An ex- perimental study of the effect of stimulus variation upon projection. In order to maintain more ambiguity, the child’s face is drawn in profile rather than full face, as the dog is depicted in the original. On the basis of research findings Haworth, five or more critical scores would indi- cate enough disturbance to warrant clinical intervention. Punishing parents are seen about equally as being of the same or the opposite sex, but with a trend for more same-sex parents on the animal form and more opposite- sex parents on the human form.

Scoldings occur with e ual is rarely seen as being helpful.

Bellak 1966

Responses of dis- turbed children to human and animal pic- tures. Child loves, or is helped by, parent of opposite sex L. Subjects 96 third grad- ers of mean age eight years, five mths, and mean Kuhlman I.

Omits usual story content 8. Three different artists tried their skill in portraying the nature of the regular CAT in human form, follow- ing the instruction of Leo old Bellak pictures in the CAT presented vary- ing degrees of difficulty in that respect. Others have secrets or make fun of somebody 6.

The general consideration suggested here is that funcinoes dif- ferences of subjects can be associated with greater productivity to animal or to human pictures, depending on the particular personality configuration.

These authors, interested in the ques- tion of what kinds of pictures elicit the greatest amount of projection, created four sets of four CAT cards 3,4,9, and Her findings are similar to those of Ha- worth in many respects.