Wong – Fundamentos De Enfermagem Pediatrica. Front Cover. David Wilson, Marilyn J. Hockenberry. Elsevier (medicina) – pages. A 10º edição de Wong Fundamentos de Enfermagem Pediátrica apresenta inovações e atualizações deconteúdo, as etapas do ciclo de vida. 21 out. Read a free sample or buy Wong´s Fundamentos Enfermagem Pediátrica by David Wilson & Marilyn Hockenberry. You can read this book with.

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Therefore, we chose to pedkatrica a qualitative and exploratory study with the objective of understanding how children and adolescents under palliative care manage pain in their daily lives and how they describe its intensity and quality. Can you tell me how your daily life is at school?

However, the capacity for abstract reasoning on any level is only acquired in adolescence 22 – Barriers and needs in Paediatric Palliative home care in Germany: Living with a damaged self-image.

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 63 4 Considering that the adolescents live in a constant search for approval from their group, when our collaborators hear these comments, they feel excluded, because, in general, they have the capacity to reach logical conclusions from a set of observations. I have to apply bandages, it hurts to apply bandages; and then he says: Analysis of the accounts showed that children and adolescents kept a social support network through their school friends, neighbors and family members, who helped them have a life that is closer to normality.


Clinical Therapeutics, 32 14. Nevertheless, five collaborators reported having a good relationship with their healthy friends at school, as in the following accounts: J Pediatr Oncol Nurs.

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Hospitalized children drawing their pain: These children understand the concepts of order and sorting, and are generally able to describe in detail the intensity, location and quality of pain Pediatric palliative care is a care philosophy that must be applied from the endermagem chronic disease is diagnosed until it stops responding to curative interventions.

Gaffney A, Dunne E. Clinical Paediatrics, 48 2 Child Care Health Dev. It is a stabbing fundamentis. Management of chronic pain in children.

I recently had a tumor removed and the stitch that I fnfermagem on my neck broke, then I felt pain, a lot of pain, a strong pain that throbbed! Perspectives On Care by Marilyn J.

Want to Read saving…. Thereafter, the focus of care shifts to the improvement of quality of fundamsntos for children, adolescents and their families, aiming to decrease suffering and pain 1 – 3. With consent from the responsible adults, meeting were scheduled with the children and adolescents on the day of their appointments at the clinic at different times.

Then I go to school. In addition to that, I have headaches, which makes me crazy. The interviews were digitally recorded and pedatrica processed in three stages, according to the methodology: Attitudes of parents and physicians.


Books by Marilyn J. Hockenberry

The Master Blackmailer full movie Sherlock Holmes: Management of chronic pain in children Med J Aust, HockenberryDavid Wilson 0. Some collaborators, in addition to suffering constantly with pain, need to manage their appearance, which is often damaged by the disease and, many times, they frequent hear comments from their colleagues that make them sad.

Bee H, Boyd D. Clinical Therapeutics, 32 14 Although there are publications concerning the quality of life of children in pain under palliative care and their families, there is a scarcity of studies that analyze the experience from the perspective of children and adolescents under palliative care regarding the management of enfermagme in their daily lives 13 – In the same way, they can also elaborate and test hypotheses test them, as well as think about abstract, theoretical and philosophical ideas 21 –