Gentle Joseki, part I by Pieter Mioch. The patterns. Dia 1 An opening move at the point (komoku) is basically a typical way of not regarding the center. Sensei’s Library, page: point, keywords: Opening, Joseki. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the gentle joseki series. Its direction is clearly. Sensei’s Library, page: Whither Joseki , keywords: Joseki, gobase, or Pieter Mioch’s “Gentle Joseki” at the same site: these try and put.

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This is from a fun ‘even’ game between the French amateur 5 dan Frederic Donzetand Takemiya.

Somewhere in my todo list there’s also a pattern search for all positions in SL. It is made more useful by exploiting hypertext.

Gentle Joseki, part II

What’d be really good for me would be something a bit more discursive – describing the ideas behind various joseki direction, taking senteemphasising the corner, side or centre, etcetera rather than just listing move after move.

As it is, based on the “build a box like shape” idea, playing around R9 looks good. Let’s have gentls look at what you shouldn’t be doing after this when playing black. The distilling process may involve some discussion, but before long the discussion can itself be distilled out of a page or the pages and the knowledge remain. I had acquired a copy of 38 Basic Joseki from Kinokuniya Bookstore but am browsing the web for more material that might be useful for a player of my lower rank.


I enjoy when you give us real world problems! Q16 almost looks like an over-extended stone.

Fri Jul 17, 6: The database search method very quickly turns up material. In time this should make it easier to have discussions of the middle game, because there is already a page showing a few vital points and standard invasions or probes, etc.

Thanks for the correction! Hi, That’s joseii interesting “experiment”. White one only helped black strengthen himself and white only got a few points in the right corner back as compensation.

Things can get hairy easily as you can see in dia 12a. Up to 20 black more or less has sealed white off, the result is about equal.

Whither Joseki …

If done right, those searches could be stored and thus linked to. This diagonal move is a border case. Josekis that will tend to get written uphere are gentlr and interesting ones. Fri Jul 17, 5: In other words, as a novice to this game I don’t think that there is anything wrong with freely playing them in your own games, never mind what anybody is telling you about books this and books that. There seem to be a number of issues here.

Pushing actions on both sides Joseki Books and Articles In my search for study genntle, I have found many that demonstrate how josekis form but few elaborations on what makes them resistant. In dia 4 A-E show the moves which are regarded as orthodox, i. Once Again, a Shimari. Kato Honinbo apparently jiseki a very aggressive style and was nicknamed Killer Kato.


Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Regarding the experimentit would be quite a challenge to see how far and fast one gentpe progress.

Whither Joseki at Sensei’s Library

Should one aim of SL be to provide a good reference for joseki, or just to select a suitable set of variations for learners? But if you have a look at SL, you will gentlle that most pages have sort of a “permanent” character, josekki like a book. Previous topic Next topic. Charles Matthews The ultimate indexing method is just a notation for trees: Thu Jul 16, 5: These are sold by Slate and Shell. Here it is, the move, isn’t it cute? There are around patterns to recognise in my private system for indexing fuseki.

True, we are all amateurs, so the content of SL has to be taken with a grain of salt. Both the left and right formations are identical josekis but White is not likely in a better position than Black.