cómo se transporta la glucosa través de la membrana celular? diana díaz hernández, luis carlos burgos herrera de la célula para su ingreso requiere una. RESUMEN El transporte de la glucosa a través de la membrana plasmática de a sodio (SGLT) y los sistemas facilitadores del transporte de glucosa (GLUT). Se han descrito dos sistemas de transporte de glucosa y de otros monosacáridos : y los transportadores de glucosa llamados GLUT (glucosa transporters).

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Structure and function of hexose transporters.

Transportador de glucosa

From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Implications. Diabetes Care ; How to cite this article. Membrane transportasorescarrier proteins: Comparison of kinetic parameters.

Am J Nephrol ;4: De Vivo’s syndrome, described in convulsive infants with hypoglycorrachia during normoglycaemia, has been attributed to a reduction in the GLUT1 content in endothelial cells at the blood-brain barrier. Annu Rev Biochem ; Views Read Edit View history. Sequence and structure of a human glucose transporter. Structure and function of mammalian facultative sugar transporters. Transcription repressed by glucose. Molecular physiology of glucose transporters. Transport proteins Integral membrane proteins.

Membrane Transport and Metabolism. Retrieved from ” https: Loss of weight restores GLUT 4 content in insulin-sensitive tissues of monosodium glutamate-treated obese mice.

Each glucose transporter isoform gpucosa a specific role in glucose metabolism determined by its pattern of tissue expression, substrate specificity, transport kinetics, and regulated expression in different physiological conditions.


Transportadores de glicose

It is also present in the basolateral membrane of the small intestine epithelium. Phloretin Phlorizin T TA. Tese – Mestrado -Escola Paulista de Medicina. The inner and outer glucose-binding sites are, it seems, located in transmembrane segments 9, 10, 11; [8] also, the DLS motif located in the seventh transmembrane segment could be involved in the selection and affinity of transported substrate.

Molecular physiology of sodium-glucose cotransporters. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Nucleotide sequence of putP, the proline carrier of Escherichia coli K Is widely distributed in fetal tissues.

Whether mechanisms exist to promote cell-surface translocation of these transporters is not yet known, but it has clearly been established that insulin does not promote GLUT6 and GLUT8 cell-surface translocation.

Glucose transporter

Evidence for a family of human glucose transporter-like proteins. Quantification of GLUT4 transporter in insulin-sensitive tissues from pinealectomized rats. Annu Rev Physiol ; N Engl J Med ; Crane presented for the first time his discovery of the sodium-glucose cotransport as the mechanism for intestinal glucose glucosaa.

Cloning sequence, and expression of the pantothenate permease panF gene of Escherichia coli. Multiple roles of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in regulation of glucose transsportadores, amino acid transport, and glucose transporters in L6 skeletal muscle cells. Physiopathological changes in glucose transport started to be analysed through transporters with a view to future preventive or therapeutic approaches.


J Clin Invest ; Efeito do diabetes sobre os transportadores de glicose de epitelio renal. Am J Physiol ; Czech Academy of SciencesPrague,pp. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae glucose transport takes place through facilitated diffusion. The function of these new glucose transporter isoforms is still not clearly defined at present. Usually produced only in hepatocytesin fasting conditions, other tissues such as the intestines, muscles, brain, and kidneys are able to produce glucose following activation of gluconeogenesis.

Braz J Med Biol Res ; These studies have revealed that, in DM2, the GLUT4 content is drastically reduced, playing an important role in insulin resistance. Expressed mostly in neurons where it is believed to be the main glucose transporter isoformand in the placenta. GLUT is a type of uniporter transporter flucosa.

Nature Lond ; J Cell Biol ; Pretranslational suppression of a glucose transporter protein causes insulin resistance in adipocytes from patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and obesity. Half a century later this idea has turned into one of the most studied of all transporter proteins SGLT1the sodium—glucose cotransporter.

Is a bidirectional transporter, allowing glucose to flow in 2 directions. Protein pages needing a picture. Int J Obes ;