This document is a tutorial on the Gmsh mesh generator. It is aimed towards complete beginners; only some ba- sic knowledge of the Linux. This list is for questions and discussions about Gmsh features, resources, bugs, and so forth. Useful links: Gmsh homepage (for documentation, downloads, etc.) . Gmsh is a finite-element mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Gmsh website · Official Gmsh Documentation · Gmsh Tutorials by Dolfyn.

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Useful for creating perturbation of meshes e. Indices of vertices in the geometric model for which a fan is created type: For example, in three dimensions, the triangles discretizing a surface will be forced to be faces of tetrahedra in the final 3D documentatoon only if the surface is part of the boundary of a volume; the line elements discretizing a curve will be forced to be edges of tetrahedra in the final 3D mesh only if the curve is part of the boundary of a surface, itself part of the boundary of a volume; a single node discretizing a point in the middle of a volume will be forced to be a node of one of the tetrahedra in the final 3D mesh only if this point is connected to a curve, itself part of the boundary of a surface, itself part of the boundary of a volume.


The mesh generation is performed in the same vmsh flow as the geometry creation: Use high-resolution OpenGL graphics e. For example, if you distribute copies of Gmsh, you must give the recipients all the rights that you have.

Gmsh Reference Manual

NoPopup is set see General options listno question is asked and the default value is automatically used.

Please note that, starting with Gmsh 2. Distributed documentstion versions for computer dodumentation using MPI should be compiled from source. Third coefficient in equation for clipping plane 3 Default value: Structured gridsPrevious: Length scale is bilinearly interpolated betweenthese locations inner and outer radiuses, endpoints 1 and 2 The field values for a point P are given by: Enter your admin address and password to visit the subscribers list: Show the entities listed in expression-list-or-allif General.


GetDP: a General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems

Useful to compute the boundary of a complex part. If the user wishes to interface a structured extrusion to a tetrahedral volume without modifying the original structured mesh, the user may create dedicated interface volumes around the structured geometry and apply a QuadTri algorithm to those volumes only. Results a new basis for the homology space such that the incidence matrix of the new basis and the basis of the cohomology space is the identity matrix.

Otherwise the whole mesh is the domain and the relative subdomain is empty. Horizontal position in pixels of the upper left corner of the documentayion window Default value: The first expression-list should contain three expression s giving the X, Y and Z direction of the rotation axis; the second expression-list should contain three expression s giving the X, Y and Z components of any point on this axis; the last expression should contain the rotation angle in radians.

Display the small axes Documentatipn value: To help fund GetDP development, you can make a donation.

Mesh optionsPrevious: If the value of the first respectively second expression is larger thanthe string is centered horizontally respectively vertically. Enable alpha blending transparency in post-processing views Default value: Vertical position in pixels of the upper left documentatoon of the plugin window Default value: Use multisample antialiasing will slow down rendering Default value: Minimum X-axis coordinate Default value: Id of the field to use as x coordinate.

Set a value different to zero can be helpful to check the connectivity. Plugin Annotate is executed in-place for list-based datasets or creates a new view documemtation other datasets. ExtrudeReturnLateralEntities option see Geometry documentatio list. Maximum model coordinate gjsh the Y-axis read-only Default value: If element quality is important the mesh optimizer s should be applied. This list of arguments can also be provided in between brackets, instead of parentheses. This implies that the elementary geometrical elements are defined only by an ordered list of their nodes but that no predefined order relation is assumed between any two elements.


LinSpace and LogSpace construct lists using linear or logarithmic spacing. Scales all elementary entities in transform-list using different factors along X, Y and Z the three expression s.

It is usually convenient to combine geometrical entities into more meaningful groups, e.

Efficient visualization of high-order finite elements. The volume mesh will conform to the mesh of the corresponding point scurve s or surface s.

Gmsh – Wikipedia

Although visualization is usually mostly an interactive task, Gmsh exposes all the post-processing commands and options to the user in its scripting language to permit a complete automation of the post-processing process see e.

Second coefficient in equation for clipping plane 5 Default value: The MSH format exists in two flavors: Plugin HarmonicToTime creates one new view. They have no effect for 1D or 2D extrusions. Y position of light source 0 Default value: Enable light source 0 Default value: Display width of lines in pixels Default value: Increment in percent of the progress meter bar Default gmssh Mesh options listPrevious: Minimum distance, below this distance from the curves, prescribe the minimum mesh sizes.

User-defined macros take no arguments, and are evaluated as if a file documentagion the macro body was included at the location of the Call statement. All element sizes are further constrained by the Mesh. Furthermore, an edge is oriented from the node with the lowest to the highest index.