WHEN THE GHOST DOG HOWLS centers on another controversy coming from the frightening and bizarre Horrorland gift shop. Given the last. Twelve-year-olds Andy and Marnie had an awesome week in HorrorLand- despite their freaky encounter with Murder the Clown and the zombie mob. Then they. Andy and Marnie buy a magical tooth at the amusement park souvenir shop that can grant wishes and more.

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When the Ghost Dog Howls (Goosebumps Horrorland)

Jonathan Chiller told Andy not to get the tooth wet, but he didn’t sa Andy and his annoying cousin, Marnie are in Horrorland. Andy gets a shock from the tooth and that’s when Marine takes the tooth and claimed it as her own.

Marine wants it but it Andy who saw it first. Andy and his cousin Marnie are in Horrorland. One day there at Horrorland going to see a circus show and Andy was kind of scared because the clowns heads were chopped of then they teleported and they were in the audience and the people were gouls and zombies then the power cut of and Andy found a spotlight and the people were going back and Murrder the clown said,”This Way!

Stine b Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. It is very interesting and a good book.

Goosebumps Horrorland: When the Ghost Dog Howls by Sebastian Nielsen on Prezi

My opinion on this book is pretty in between. If the tooth really does grant wishes, then the rest of the story about it is probably true, as well, which means that a spectral hound will be coming after the owner of the tooth to reclaim what was stolen from him.


Sep 02, Anmol rated it it was amazing. She was getting heaps of free stuff and winning a lot of stuff as well, so she didn’t want to give the tooth back to Andy.

When the Ghost Dog Howls

I think this book is wonderful it start off with a jump scare sort of thing then the creep factor just keeps rising but what do whdn expect from the master of horror writing R. I recommend this book to anybody who like bone chilling, horror stories. They find a place called the chiller house and Andy finds a mystical tooth. Not a bad little story.

They’re all ghosy, but this one was just really fun to read. This book is the most terrifying of the horror-land series highly horrorand if you want to be scared to death by dogs howling at night do not miss it also it ends with something that’s really scary This book is surely a must read.

Trying to get Marine to confess to stealing the tooth, Andy plans for the hound to some but it really just his neighbor’s new dog dressed up as the blue hound. It was amazing,a really good story which is gripping as well as intriguing.

Like most of Horrorland’s guests, they stumble into Chiller House. I suspect his editors in the ’90s put the kibosh on all-caps exclamations, and for good reason. At first, Andy wishes that he and Marine to be invisible but because of that, they can’t touch anything.

Overall, I truly love this book, R. The story is really well layered. My review here is not give away the books but to talk about it.


The fact that Andy wanted to be a little bit standoffish about the tooth is something different that I didn’t expect from a year-old especially after the fact of knowing that the tooth works with the only caution of not getting it wet. The opening scene is the two of them traveling around a theme park, and they find hems selves in a gift shop.

Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children’s author in history. At the end marnie finds the tooth and keeps it and she said she would share it.

When the Ghost Dog Howls by R. L. Stine | Scholastic

L Stine, such as the Goosebumps series. Andy and Marnie goes to a mall and she starts to wish but Andy is against it and the tooth falls in a puddle of water, he wished but got electrocutes instead. Chiller can now shen his fun. When Marnie and Andy came home they started to wish for extra food and it was gr This is probably one of my favorite books from the goosebumps series. Apr 20, Jose Ramirez rated it really liked it. In the basement they encounter the ghost hound, Marnie confesses, and they give back the tooth to the dog.