“El guardagujas”, de Juan José Arreola. El forastero llegó sin aliento a la estación desierta. Su gran valija, que nadie quiso cargar, le había. El genial autor mexicano Juan José Arreola tiene varios padres literarios: Es lo que sucede con El Guardagujas, que escribía Borges era el. taken there, don’t you agree?” “Most people would say you are right. Over at the inn you can talk to people who have. The Switchman1. Juan José Arreola.

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This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Invitan a los pasajeros a que desciendan de los vagones, generalmente con el pretexto de que admiren las bellezas de un determinado lugar.

Instead, they resembled the work of writers like Franz Kafka and Albert Camus nuan their examination of the human condition. The stranger argues that he should be able to go to T. Awareness of the absurd human condition can come at any moment, but it is most likely to happen when, suddenly confronted by the meaninglessness of hectic daily routine, he or she asks the question “Why?

Camus writes that neither humans alone nor the world by itself is absurd. Suscribirse a Entradas Atom. The railroad tracks melting away in the distance represent the unknown future, while the elaborate network of uncompleted railroads evokes people’s vain efforts to put into effect rational schemes.


The switchman’s anecdote about the afreola of the village F, which occurred when a train accident stranded a group of passengers—now happy settlers—in a remote region, illustrates the element of chance in human existence. Tira 12 – tomo I. En otras palabras, al subir a un tren, nadie espera ser conducido al sitio que desea.

When he asks if the train has left, the old man wonders if the traveler has been in the country very long and advises him to find lodging at the local inn for at least a month. The railroad company occasionally creates false train stations in remote locations to abandon people when the trains become too crowded.

No he viajado nunca, ni tengo ganas de hacerlo. From the first lines of “The Switchman” the stranger stands out as a man of reason, fully expecting that, because he has a ticket to T, the train will take him there on time. The switchman explains how the railroad company thinks of their railway system.

The story, first published as “El guardagujas” in Cinco Cuentos inis translated in Confabulario and Other Inventions El blog de Negra y Criminal.

The Switchman

Art Pepper en el Maiden Voyage de Blogger Templates by Blog and Web. He does not understand why the stranger insists on going to T.

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In their view, their elaborate system, which includes accommodations for years-long trips and even for deaths, is very good. Otras Voces, Otras Lecturas. Modern Language Association http: The stranger wants to know if a train going to T. Como usted puede darse cuenta, los rieles existen, aunque un tanto averiados. Los viajeros pasaron tanto tiempo, que de las obligadas conversaciones triviales surgieron amistades estrechas. The switchman says he cannot promise that he can get the stranger a train to T.

lecturas errantes: El Guardagujas, de Juan José Arreola

The latter comes closest to the most convincing interpretation, namely, that Arreola has based his tale on Albert Camus ‘s philosophy of the absurd as set forth in The Myth of Sisyphus, a collection of essays Camus published in No trate a ninguno de los pasajeros. The old man then dissolves in the clear morning air, and only the red speck of the lantern remains visible before the noisily approaching engine.

De los hombres y de las moscas. Retrieved April 12, Spanish and Portuguese Lit Months Paisaje guardxgujas invierno, de John Guardagujqs.

Nieve en La Habana.