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Slayer is also the best PVP class due to his giant hp. Last edited by JaimeLannister ; Dominatus the Mad 7x: Optimally you want Crit. Download e installazione della Guida. This Guide focuses mainly on the sword build since swords are superior rappelz you have decent gear. The random effect options are pretty straight forward.


Because Slayers possess no offensive skills, and lack in defense. If you have troubles hitting your enemy take one or two depending on how much accuracy you need StrengthAccuracyCrit.

When I tested it, I got more P. Ashmaw the Devourer 7x: Take this if you are facing a warrior but need some accuracy. This is the best setup if you are up against a magician.


Login or Sign Up Log in with. Character Skill Distorted space Governor eq. Papers, Please Lavora come ispettore dell’immigrazione alla dogana!

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If you struggle to survive and don’t want to rely on dodging attacks. If you aim for max. Take a ranged DD if you struggle to sustain your attack speed plateau and the Death Tyrant Unity isn’t enough.

Opinioni utenti su Dofus.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Pubblicato da FedericoLauria 29 Settembre Commenti: PRO Ambientazione simpatica Stile grafico notevole. Colgate Utente normale 24 Gennaio Download e installazione della Guida. Devi accedere o registrarti per rispondere qui.

Slayer Guide If you struggle with your attack speed plateau or need some extra health you might want to take a Bear Skin belt. Hero Online Fantasy http: If your gear is generally weak you want to take daggers over swords since the additional hp.

Atk by Shadowfrged Plating. Tre fazioni tra cui scegliere e tanta customizzazione Se i migliori MMORPG fantasy come WoW sono quasi sempre a pagamento e quelli free si rivelano essere una noia mortale, Rappelz costituisce un’eccezione. Swords ralpelz to the expense of requiring a heavier armor though.

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Take up to three of them depending on your belt slots and how good eappelz gear is. High chance to jumps out of cloaked state. Slayer is in my opinion the second-best class when it comes to Devildom kill speed. Courage of Grand Master Hector 3x: NoN so ke dire If you have troubles hitting your enemy take one or two depending on how much accuracy you need StrengthAccuracyCrit.

I server sono sempre popolati e viene continuamente aggiornato con nuove missioni, mappe e oggetti. The best feeling playing a slayer is using Hellstorm on your enemies and seeing their hp. Ultima modifica da un moderatore: Girdle of Endairon vs. My personal favorite, because this is the highest damage belt pet setup. Dominatus the Guid 7x: No grazie, continua a scaricare Rappelz.