Harmony Korine – Gummo [Script] Lyrics. Gummo [Script]. Peanut, peanut, peanut butter, motherfucker. Tune in, dick, you mess around with me. Collected Screenplays: Jokes, Gummo, Julien, Donkey-boy v. 1 by Korine, Harmony () Paperback [Harmony Korine] on *FREE* shipping on. Only years-old when he directed his extraordinary debut feature Gummo, Harmony Korine has since continued to serve notice that he is the riskiest.

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She lost her sex drive. Don’t ggummo know stars are flawed? Fuck him up, Tummy! How’d she get out there? People died in Xenia.

Life is great, without it you’d be dead. Please enter your email address: My neighbor was killed in that house.

Have a nice day. Don’t let him get on you, man! Gary has a pussy and. In fact, if you want to see gu,mo this project looked like, check out the recent book released about Gus Van Sant called “Icons”, where you will find stills from the movies.


Preview — Collected Screenplays 1 by Harmony Korine. In Julien Donkey-Boy Korine’s sociological side that heavily informs Kids and Spring Breakers, and Gummo to a subtler extent falls away, leaving an outlandish but naturalistic tale of abuse and tragedy. Jasmine rated it it was ok Jun 18, She used to throw darts, right?

Let’s see what we got. All these cats around here have screenpaly babies. Foot Foot, where you been? Come on, let’s go in the house.

Gummo Script at IMSDb.

He’s a queer now. Why don’t you give me them shoes? She loved electricity, but she burned off gas, with a V8 pussy, and a Cadillac ass. The smarmy, affected quirkiness of his introduction to the book is rather off-putting, though.

Collected Screenplays 1: Jokes / Gummo / julien donkey-boy

He got a haircut. Just give me some warmth. Houses were split open He used to have a sister in my class Get it over all the pink– around it.


My favorite movie stars are What do you want me to do? She was so skinny So, what’s for dinner, man? They say it’s my depression, but what the fuck, man? Looks like my mom. She was real nice, she was.