The revlsed draft sOR (a) p.. dlrchart. which is used as a source of drinkin8 water.e wBt€r whlch m.. slnce the SOR5 () for AsP/Modlfled ASP has. GoMP had constituted a Committee to finalize SOR vide no. /13/ reviewthe SOR by Works/W&P Section of all three g of . subject work for KLTPS as per R & B / GWSSB S.O.R. or based on budgetary offer. Number: , Tender Number: KLTPS/, Tender Prod.

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The detailed on the tender floatation to completion is presented in the Table below. Proportion of wastewater that is treated, in order to reduce pollutants before being discharged. The climate is pleasant during the monsoon while autumn is temperate.

Modern Raw Houses VI: The City has about 20144-15 of road network and is administratively divided into 7 zones. Moreover, as discussed in sorr chapter, per capita wastewater flows, for the design of sewerage system are considered to be equivalent to the per capita water supply reaching to the consumer.

The first election was held in the year At present, there are 34 election wards in the city area. Create a wastewater More information. The details on sewage Page It is possible to retrofit IFAS in the existing aeration tanks thus eliminating additional civil works which will be time consuming and expensive due to the type of soil strata at Dindoli site.

The oldest and easiest type of wastewater treatment. Over the past years, due to rapid industrialization and advanced agricultural activities environmental deterioration More information.


It will prevent the untreated sewage flow in to the open ground or even in the river. The ward wise population forecast for the Dindoli drainage zone, for the yearsand is presented in Table Further, as per development within the project area and as per population forecast, the STP would be receiving more than MLD. States Fiscal Consolidation States More information. April Fixing agency: Primary Settling Twssb 6.

Key Values

It is also well connected by National Highway No. As the development as well as population in these areas of SMC was gassb to certain extent only, in comparison of other part of Surat city.


Review of the existing sewage treatment plant, Biogas Based Power Plant and disposal line. The present population of the City as per census is around 45 Lac.

Internal Migration and Regional Disparities in India Introduction Internal migration is now recognized as an important factor in influencing social and economic development, especially in developing countries. The treated sewage will be disposed off into Bhedwad Khadi Sewage Flow As per the directives of SMC vide its water supply master plan, the design year to be considered for the design of wastewater system is up to year and consequently the system is proposed to be designed considering water allocation to the study area.

June Execution of various packages covered under this DPR The census population of entire Surat city, for the total area of sq.

The dissemination of spot and futures prices of agricultural More information. Negative Externalities Pollution, environmental distortion Reduced green cover Disruption in livelihood Displacement of inhabitant Possible haphazard development around project site Possible Countermeasures The efficient working of sewerage and sewage treatment system by vigilant operation and maintenance. The combined effect of all these on the economic activities in the city and its outskirts have Page 2.

Name of the Project Country: The rates for some of the items specifically mechanical and instrumentation works are based on market rates. Fine Screen Chamber 3. List of census wards area and population as per censusand census for the SMC area No. SMC daily analysis the raw as well as treated sewage characteristics gwssv all its sewage treatment plants.

This increased the spr of Surat 20014-15 the regional context, along with Vadodara and Ahmedabad, specifically due to its location at the core of what is called the “Golden Corridor” of industrial development. Cost Saving State of the art technology for the treatment will reduce the pollution load in the river, will reduce the water ggwssb cost. Inlet sewage flow assessment Basic process design and drawing Preliminary report for various process evaluation.


The southern part of the city houses the industrial complexes of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation at Sachin and Diamond Nagar.

South Drainage Soe West: The wastewater likely to be generated is estimated based on 20144-15 water allocation for respective housing categories.

Name of village Area In Ha. After the rise of the port at Bombay, Surat faced a severe blow and its ship building industry also declined. Madha Suresh and T. He will be also responsible for the periodical Project reporting to the funding agency such as Government of Gujarat and Government of India, as applicable.

Proportion of wastewater that is gwszb, in order to reduce pollutants before being discharged More information. Chapter 5 Web Edition: In order to regulate the growth of the City and achieve planned development, the state government has constituted an Urban Development Authority SUDA as per the provisions laid down in Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act SUDA has published its revised 214-15 plan in year SMC implements the proposals of the development plan and also makes micro level planning.

The characteristic of raw sewage and treated sewage considered for the design is summarized in the Table spr Censu s Ward No. Technology 2014-115 for Consideration There are number of technologies and technologies in combination, available for domestic sewage treatment, out of which, the following option is considered: Define wastewater and list components of wastewater.

Census of India Series 1, India, Paper 1 of Current status of southwest monsoon and More information. Solomon Seyoum Type of Sewer Systems Solomon Seyoum 0 Learning objectives Upon completion of this lecture, the participants will be able to differentiate between types of sewer systems and discuss different aspects of More information.

Agricultural Economics Research Review Vol.