Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Malayalam/Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre. The lyrics and meaning of Harivarasanam are as follows: The temple opens in the morning with the Sanskrit ‘Suprabhatham’ ‘Vande Vigneswaram. Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre, recited at Sabarimala before.

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Posted by sheela bala on November 5, at One whose mind gladdens on hearing the Sharana Gosham, One who is the great ruler of the universeOne who loves to dance, One ,yrics shines like the rising sun, One who is the Master of all beings, Oh Hariharaputra Deva!

Also if you like publish in your website will help our community Reply.

ayyappa related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

Hi Friends, Irrespective of differences in opinions, I see a lot good thoughts in the above discussions. That is what the great Acharyas also guided us. The Travancore Devaswom Board has not entrusted any agencies or individuals for fund collection. Posted by Sunil on March 31, at 6: Posted August 3, by meeraghu in lyricsMusicPooje. Thank you so much for a succinct yet clear understanding of the meaning of this eternally divine song that touches the soul deep in the hearts of devotees.


Sanatana Dharma: Meaning of Harivarasanam

The whole area will be filled with Sarana Manthra and every devotee feel the presence of Lord Ayyappa in their minds. My dear brothers and sisters of Sanathana Dharma our effort should always be in togetherness and believe that we are ONE. One whose holy feet is worshipped by Surya. Posted by Seema on October 6, at Anonymous December 14, at 7: But danskrit particular group trying to give powers to God, based one lyrocs particular book and praising one God. People still believe Harivarasanam is the song for sleeping Ayyappa only.

The point of worshipping Ayyappa is, he is not bound to religion. Posted by Vs Rangen on December 25, at 9: Notify me of new posts via email. We need this lyrics im kannada.

Harivarasanam-Lyrics and devotional song

Seems every sentence has deeper meaning Swamy Sharanam. Posted by NSP on September 6, at 5: May The Lord Sanksrit bless us all. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Posted by MSP gupta on November 22, at 4: Hi can you get me last slogan which comes after the song Reply.


Oneness is Good point, but not supremacy over others.

Sorry, Not Vyaji, it is Vaaji means horse. The ashtakam says “devam-ashraye. The very words like Dharma sastha, saranam, no caste or religous discrimination etc all leads to memory of Buddhist worshiip which was very prevelant in Lyrica centuries back.

The sansktit was written by Kambamgudi Kulathur Iyer in praise of Ayyappa. Thank you so much for sharing the true knowledge, which was hidden for years.

As i am not southindian but still learning karnatic music, meaningful lyrics are boon to me. Monday, February 1, Meaning of Harivarasanam. Blog Stats 11, have visited this site.