Harmonic’s ProView is the world’s first single rack unit (1-RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler, multiformat video decoder and MPEG stream processor. Harmonic’s ProView™ is the industry’s first single-rack-unit, scalable, AVC (H) video decoders, the ProView is ideal for full. A Typical ProView Configuration Using the Front Panel. The Harmonic ProView is a single rack unit (1RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler.

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Decoding Channel Properties Related Topics: Changing A Device’s Connection Settings 7. A card for the MN20 multiplexer. Selective — Select uarmonic input PIDs to descramble. The device reverts to the primary as soon as the primary port has no active alarms.

The alarm severity level, a brief description and the time the alarm was triggered display.

For example, a BER of 10 means 1 bit in a million is received in error. Click OK to save advanced parameters. Power ratio in decibels dB of the measured power referenced to one milliwatt. Enter text from picture: To reset a CAM slot: The Service Selection Mode menu comprises: The Routing menu has from 1 to 4 multiplexesnamely: Page MAC address The permanent identifier for a device.


Harmonic ProView PVR 7000 High Definition Decoder

X X is the socket number. The first six characters identify the manufacturer. The Bottom Card properties tab displays the following parameters on the bottom card installed in the device: Click Close to complete the ping test.

Mbaud Megabaud, which is the signal rate of a line, expressed in millions. Use the Routing Table Management dialog to manage up to five routing destinations for GbE input when the sender is on a different network. All three components are derived from RGB.

The range is 1 — QPSK transmits 2 bits at the same time by varying the phase of the signal. Monitoring The Decoding The decoder type and modes of operation depend on the hardware configuration and are license dependant.

Device Users’ Access Properties 7. Mark the Update license checkbox. Confirm the confirmation dialog.

It is recommended to revert Warning to the primary port as soon as possible. The main EMS components are: You can export the alarm history in CSV format. Page of Go. Harmonic is careful to use the current and correct names of relevant standards.


ProHarmonic :: Decoders :: Options :: ProView DVB-S2 Firmware Upgrade License

Page The Top Card Properties tab displays the following parameters on the top card installed in the device: Select the input multiplex port. Right-click the port in the Physical Input box. Selecting a specific entry in the SDT table marked as sub-branches of the SDT table brunch and clicking the Properties button displays the following information for the service: Interface — The options are: Transport Stream ID — Displays the identification of the transport stream for the table.

It provides monitoring and hxrmonic options for the features of each element in the tree: Redundancy Mode — Set one port as the active one and set the others to standby.


The EMS user management is set at two levels: To restore a backed-up configuration: