The Way of the Shaman has ratings and reviews. Christine said: Harner is the creator of what is called Core Shamanism (the ‘shamanism’ and pr. In , Harner published The Way of the Shaman: a Guide to Power and Healing. Students in the United. This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction.

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I had expected Harner’s book to be an analysis of this collective consciousness in shamanistic practices and that it would provide barner practical techniques, from which I can build on myself. James talked about the magical in the same breath that he talked about what he ate for breakfast. This is the book that founded the movement written in August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

He has a non-profit dedicated to protecting Shamanism in indigenous cultures, and spreading Shaan throughout the Western world.

Dec 20, Yvonne rated it liked it. Ten years after it was first published, this is still the leading resource and reference for all those interested in cross-cultural and current forms of shamanism: InHarner published The Way of the Shaman: In a time where we face unprecedented shifts in our way of life, wzy new respect for our surroundings are far from an unwelcome suggestion.

Of course, at a tight level of granularity there are differences, and Ha From tripping on ayuhuasca in Peru to sucking the evil spirits out of patients, Harner offers an overview of shamanic methods and practices. This book describes in great detail what it is like to undertake a shamanic journey, and what can be expected.


The author did go and say it was kind of the same procedure but not the same. Almost 40 years after this book was written many of the practices and illustrations seem rather amusing. Circle Home My Account Logout. Harner was traditionally initiated into shamanism by a South American tradition.

The Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

There are a lot of cautions that newbies should not attempt some of the more advanced exercises until they master the basics. I should note that I read the 3rd edition of this book.

I started to explore the subject when I began to teh small “flirts” at the edge of my own consciousness and a sense of a dimension other than the one I have always lived in, seemingly parallel to my usual experience of life. I seem to be unable to post in the “frauds” section of the forum so I’ll ask here. To the author’s further credit, he encourages people to make full use of modern medicine, with shamanic uarner being an qay rather than a replacement.

Read a chronology of Michael’s pioneering work in core shamanism.

May 31, Davey rated it liked it. I have recently decided to order Harner’s book “The Way of the Shaman” but apparently there’s been a lot of criticism on his work on this forum.

What I mean by practical information is information that is practically applicable and useful. It’s impossible to accurately or even respectfully condense thousands of traditions into one book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


I’ve been researching Shamanism for a while, but really I realise I should have just read this book earlier and I could zhaman saved a lot of time.

Eye opening and helpful!

The Way of the Shaman

If one has an interest in this spiritual path do not hesitate to read this one. The Way of the Shaman is his beliefs UPG regarding shamanism, and indeed harenr not how things really are. This is Harner’s “how to” book, intended to introduce Westerners to Shamanic exploration. Views Read View source View history.

Michael Harner and The Way of the Shaman

Sadly, I did not, but like any good book, it opened my m I haven’t been reading lately, its really taken a disappointing hit to my ‘Goodreads Book Challenge’ Time shzman suit back up and hit those books hard! Additionally, the focus on healing shamanism is an appropriate topic but neglects to fully recognize the prevalence of shamanic wars which are outside of the noble savage archetype that Harner bolsters.

Jallan on January 05, Michael Harner Michael J. In his half century of anthropological fieldwork, cross-cultural studies, experimental research, and firsthand experience, Michael Harner arrived at aay core methods of shamans worldwide.