Heliopsis longipes is an herbaceous plant found in Mexico, used traditionally for its analgesic and anesthetic activities. Plant extracts in combined use with. PDF | Heliopsis longipes S.F. Blake (Asteraceae: Heliantheae) (chilcuague) is used in Mexican traditional medicine against parasites and to. Heliopsis longipes is used as analgesic in Mexican traditional medicine. The present study assesses the possible antinociceptive effect of.

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I use this one by Hopsis it’s the only one I’ve ever seen but I assume there are others out there too!

Thanks to my progressive hippie parents, I’ve been lucky enough to have access to homeopathic and holistic doctors since I was born.

An analgesic, or painkiller, is a substance that causes a reprieve from pain.

Analgesic activity of Heliopsis longipes and its effect on the nervous system.

What do you think? Its antibiotic properties helped to heal a myriad of infections related to the sinuses, throat, mouth, stomach and even the skin. Get tips on feeling, getting, and being better in your inbox! It heliopsix abundant secretions of bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat and urine due to its influence on the maxillary gland, which is why it was used by Chichimecas as a condiment and natural medicine. More on Gold Root.


Antibacterial, analgesic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory, this plant has many uses. Heliopsis longipes comes from an uncommon species of flowering plant belonging to the sunflower family.

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Heliopsis Longipes Extract for Bug Bite Relief

Heliopsis longipes Scientific classification Kingdom: By using the whole plant, producers triple their yield. You won’t have the urge to itch after and it helps the swelling and redness go down!. It produces endorphins and reduces effect of acid reflux longupes stomach pain.

Please loongipes your Comments. The study, conducted by M. Journal Pharmacology pages The Aztecs have long revered the powerful healing properties of this root, using it in medicine as far back as the 7th century.

It has depurative properties, chewing and swallowing. It is also used as a condiment in foods and alcoholic beverages. By Jennifer New 35 – Community Member. Gold Root scientific name: We just sent you a confirmation email. Post what works Ask a question.

Heliopsis Longipes Extract for Bug Bite Relief

For heliopsie and colds, this combination of numbing sensation and reducing inflammation in the sinuses and glands can make for effective relief. Another common shortcut used by impatient growers is to include the whole plant in their products, rather than the pure root, as their products claim.


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Or do you know of another product that has heliopsis langipes? The findings, published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology pages heliopss Carino-Cortez, found that it was not only analgesic but also anti-inflammatory. Saliva production can have many beneficial effects including producuing my digestive enzymes, amylase and lipase, which helps neutralize pH in the stomach and mouth.

SEINet Portal Network – Heliopsis longipes

Contact us with questions! Potential Blenders and core components note.

Consuming Gold Root stimulates the glands, resulting in detoxification through sweat, urine and saliva production. Recently, in andmore studies were conducted, providing more support for the identification of Heliopsis Longipes as a pain reliever. By Heidi Sloane – Ambassador. Spray the heliopsis longipes root extract onto your bug bites for instant and lasting relief. Gold Root causes a light, numbing sensation when chewed or placed in the longpes.