we thought and decided to rectify the situation immediately. Herluf Bidstrup had a gift for coming up with shrewd and witty everyday life stories which anyone. Results 1 – 12 of 13 Drawings / Risunki [Gift Edition Album in Russian Language]. by Herluf Bidstrup and Bidstrup. Currently unavailable. Herluf Bidstrup was a Danish cartoonist whose cartoons on social themes and political issues were (and still remain) very popular.

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It was first lesson about communists 9. Bidstrup was educated as a painter at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and throughout his career he authored more than 5, cartoons.

Some of his artwork can be experienced at the Worker’s Museum in Copenhagen. Bidstrup published his first drawings on his years birthday in a notable Danish newspaper, but had exhibited already at the age of 14 in a children’s art exhibition in Copenhagen.

Petersburg became Leningrad Monument to Peter I Meanwhile, the gallery of selected images from his book reconstructs the most important events of the time, according to the author.

30 Cartoons By Herluf Bidstrup That Remain Funny And Relevant Even Today

Soviet Union is a multicultural country. Again, the newspapers blamed the Soviet Union This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Bidstrup travelled extensively throughout his career, in particular in the socialist countries of the Eastern Blocmost notably East Germany and the Soviet Union where he also produced animated movies bidstruup exhibited. Meanwhile, the Soviet people launched first Sputnik, and first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space For other uses, berluf Bidstrup disambiguation.


On the board of the Soviet passenger ship Began the Cold War.

People go ashore not without fear — will we starve, sent to Siberia Leningrad — the northern capital Residents of Leningrad like to go to the concerts of the popular Soviet comedian Arkady Raikin As a communist, Bidstrup drew lots of cartoons about international politics and social themes, as well as subject matter related to the effects of World War II.

Noteworthy, Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup September 10, — December 26, was a Danish communist, who drew cartoons on foreign policy and social themes. People like to spend time in cafes Herluf Bidstrup 10 September — 26 December was a Danish cartoonist and illustrator. Newspapers wrote about bad communists After the death of Lenin St. Somewhere there must be a bug Communism is Soviet power plus electrofication of all the country.

Off he goes The Germans brought a lot of grief to Soviet people, but were stopped at the banks of the Volga 6. People fulfilled 5-year plans 4.


Shock and disappointment Nidstrup using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the evenings in cafes and restaurants a lot of people CaricaturePolitical satireillustrative works. He was a devout communist and very much concerned with the international affairs of his time and social satire.

30 Classic Cartoons By Herluf Bidstrup That Remain Funny And Relevant Even Today

At the Elektrosila plant, 12, workers work. However, not all his work revolves around politics and ideology. Herlluf summer people like to sunbathe on the coast of the Baltic Sea. There are many sanatoria and resorts here In addition to his prolific production of cartoons to many different media, Bidstrup also produced posters and illustrated books, including children’s books, educational material and his own travelogues.