Oct 25, hg clone mercurial-repo real URL is hg/ cd project/ $ hg init # A basic tutorial. Feb 24, Joel Spolsky has put together an extensive Mercurial tutorial with lots of examples and a humorous approach. “Finally, if you haven’t collapsed. Feb 24, If this is advertising, I want more of it. As an SVN curmudgeon, the first part of this tutorial finally persuaded me that I really, really need to give.

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Quick Start

Then you can restore from a backup, chastise the guilty developer, and go about your merry way. It actually seems quite easy to me to ‘get’. There’s nothing that makes it any less suitable than any other revision control system. You’re just using the honor system, basically.

QuickStart – Mercurial

In this tool you can add and commit an untracked file by just checking the file and pressing Commit. Those ate precisely the type of documents that non-developers need. You can mark these gh as ignored in some different ways too. I tried Hg first and failed. Posted Feb 26, That’s why you should care.

Of course, the example that he gives there is bizarre – effectively the Hg equivalent of hanging onto your code for 6 weeks and then merging all at once The tutorial concepts apply across the major OSes. The email address is stripped when viewing history in the revision history viewer, and the built-in web server obfuscates email addresses to prevent SPAM.


To clone your repository to a shared drive: You have to write your own extensions to copy bookmarks files around automatically or just do it manually. You can now merge one branch into another multiple times without specifying explicitly which revisions to compare. Now you are ready to share your work.

If people don’t understand what is really going on, they invariably hit a wall sooner or later. Mercurial supports many different collaboration models. They don’t want to create and manage branches.

Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial

It’s like religious people versus atheists. That’s like saying Linux is too powerful for corporation and hence they should use Windows!

Note Merges can be safely restarted if necessary. Git does branching differently, has a kind of tutkrial staging area called the index, and has a radically different UI than Mercurial, but the underlying concepts are all the same.

4. A Quick Start Guide to TortoiseHg — TortoiseHg documentation

No, my understanding is that packs are write-once just like other objects. By the way, if you need mandatory locking and good handling mercuriall binary files, you might also check out Perforce. Did someone mercurail notice Kiln has a Dodo as logo? Welcome to TortoiseHg and the Mercurial! Posted Mar 2, 8: Note that the only reason Spolsky is doing this is because he bet on Mercurial a few years ago for his project http: MikeMacMan on Feb 24, And what does it mean for something to be “too powerful”?

That is one awesomely written tutorial. In a way it is easy since git provides many more auditing features, but the process does not look so rosy. Although I wouldn’t be using mercurial myself, I gave this a point simply because of the great site design and layout. Take the following example error message, which while technically very meaningful, would be utterly confusing to them: I am brand new to git and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at both how thorough and also how newbie-friendly the User Manual is.


There are various ways ihit do this: I am not at all against git infact its the only one I use. You can have a central repository that everyone pushes to, and anyone who keeps things in private repos for too long without pushing is no different than anyone keeping changes in private checkouts for too long without pushing in any mercuril revision control system.

Even if you make each chapter or whatever of documentation a separate file, there will still be some cross-references and dependencies.

Try a recent 1. You do this by making a copy of your repository in a public location that everyone in your group can read. I went to the island of Mauritius, and approached the dodo bird. My guess is that there is some intelligence that can tell that “foo missing there, and foo added here” is tuforial just “foo moved from there to here”, unlike SVN, which attempts no such heuristics.

So compare all that workflow with a DVCS.