H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education has ratings and reviews. Jennifer said: Reviewed by Jeremey for come to . Higher Institute of Education is the first book in the H.I.V.E. series written by Mark Walden. Contents[show] Summary Otto Malpense may be only thirteen years. H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a top-secret school of applied villainy where children with a precocious gift for wrongdoing are sent to.

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Each stream is associated with a color, and their uniforms reflect this. He uses self-replicating Nanites which, if released will cause everyone to be a slave of Overlord.

H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute of Villainous Education): Mark Walden: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

He keeps the reader constantly guessing about the characters, because he just gives you a little bit of information about the characters and then as the book progresses on he gives you more information about them. It just so happened to involve making the British Prime Minister look like an idiot. That’s why he ends up at H.

That is why he ends up at H. This doesn’t sound like Otto being arrogant or anything, it sounds like an adult writing from an adult perspective. Wanting to be off the island, Otto and his friends, Wing a martial arts fighterShelby a jewelry store sleuthand Laura a technological genius devise a plan that has highrr been pulled off before– escaping H.

This book is different. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Otto Malpense may be only thirteen years old, but so far he has managed to run the orphanage where he lives, and he has come up with a plan clever enough to trick the most powerful cillainous in the country. You may also like: About Privacy Cookies Contact us. Nero has underestimated the cunning and resources of those who oppose him.


Mark Walden spent a decade as a video game designer and producer before becoming a fulltime writer and father. The enemies of the villains were well thought—out and Educationn have to say I did get scared a bit. During their virtual meeting, with only 9 members, including Nero, remaining, G. Well, its not Artemis Fowl They did a lot of school class which bored me out of my wit and placed me into a state of frustration.

Otto and Raven are desperate to rescue their friends from the clutches of Anastasia Furan, head of the evil Disciples organization. He is the perfect candidate to become the world’s next super-villain.

It is shown later that Lin Feng is actually part of The Disciples, as he is talking to Pietor Furan about what had happened.

Did anyone else have this problem? Pike flee to the Megalodon, an enormous submarine that belongs to Darkdoom. Now here is some eye-rolling material found in the book: It was fast paced and full of amazing ideas that the author villainoux. Nero, and all they want to do is get home. They report only to the President, which is very bad news for Otto. I’m particularly picky when it comes to depictions of villains and superheroes.

Bagian mendekati terakhir saat warga HIVE melawan tanaman bermutasi Nigel terbilang seru dan mendebarkan. View all 5 comments. It all started when the Prime Minister of Britain is going to close down Otto’s orphanage. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. They travel through the hidden parts of the school, but as they nearly reach their freedom, their headmaster, Dr.

I suppose yive geared towards kids around middle school.

When the Alphas set out to the Hunt, the Disciples were waiting for them. I believe that if people would understand and just take time to think about what he wanted he would be a much happier person then they see him. He quickly works out that his little stunt with the Prime Minister now have landed Otto at H. Except you find yourself not rooting for him.


H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainous Education by Mark Walden – review

I give the book a 5 star rating. Want to Read saving…. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. And the hlgher of emotion we get out of them is something like this: It was just going, and going but with no particular development towards a greater climax.

I had to laugh though, reading the following description of a teacher’s hairstyle “that would require an architect, not a hairdresser. Because he is an awful protagonist that I despise.

Book Review: “H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainous Education” by Mark Walden – Escape Pod

I have started to read the book last month when Vi,lainous bought two books from the series. A simple way of introducing children to carroll diagrams, in a way which is meaningful to them.

Otto and Wing are suddenly given a small window of opportunity to leave the school forever, but at the last second, they decide to stay. This book is one of the best books i have read in a while. This book is filled with them. And that isn’t a bad thing. E, a secret school for kids used to train them into the greatest super villains, he meets Wing.