The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Path: /hp/a/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting. View and Download HP A operating and service manual online. DIGITAL VOLTMETER. A Measuring Instruments pdf manual download. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating And Service Manual.

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Bail Out Message Table shows the input attenuation and amplifier gain combinations used on each range. After calibra- tion, it should be left on and, if possible, kept in a con- trolled 3545a where the ambient temperature is within one or two degrees of the temperature in which it was calibrated.

Hewlett Packard HP 3455a 6-digit Digital Voltmeter

A terminal marked with this symbol must be connected to ground in the manner described in the mxnual opierating manual, and before operating the equipment. Derive 6-month teet limits from tpecificeiions lilted in Teble The overall time depends on the range, function, and particular controller used.

Auto-Cal constants measurements also depend on the Trigger mode used. The SA reading should be within 0. Only one trigger will be delayed during any given measurement cycle.


Keysight / Agilent Digital Voltmeter – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Refer to the Operating Manual of your controller for in- structions. The following paragraphs contain both agcneraland detailed description of the methods and circuits used in the Model 34S5A Multimeter.

Under certain conditions, dangerous voltages may exist even with the power cable removed. Instrument Measurement Times Remote Control Simplified Block Diagram S And the voltage reference: The voltage should be less than S V dc, verifying the maximum output voltage specification for an open- circuit condition.

Upon receiving the service re- quest, the controller with serial poll the 34SSA to deter- mine the nature of the service request. The complete performance test can be used at the day or 6-month intervals, and following a complete calibration of the in- strument. The SA reading should be within the test limits listed in Tableveri- fying its volt full scale accuracy with High Resolu- tion on. This entry was posted in Measurement techVintage tech and tagged hpteardownvintage.

A MATH feature permits voltage or resistance measurements to be scaled into convenient units or to be- read directly in percent error from a selected reference.


HP 3455A Operating And Service Manual

Set the Decade Resistor to ohms. Figure shows a simplified diagram of the attenuator. The input mea- surement is taken at this time.

Reconnect the clip lead manua the 1 megohm resistor. Remove the clip lead from across the 1 megohm resistor. Refer to paragraph for guarding information.

HP A Digital Voltmeter Operaiting & SERVICE Manual | eBay

Here, the DVM appears to be in tolerance 0. The feedback path for the1 10 Mf2 Reference Measurements. The scale formula becomes: Buyer shall prepay shipping charges to -hp- and -hp- shall pay shipping charges to return the product to Buyer.

Unless otherwise specified, the test signals for the performance tests can be applied to either the front or rear INPUT terminals. These characteristics are not specifications but are typical operating characteristics included as additional information for the user.

Repeat Steps c through f until optimum adjustment is obtained. Inguard Troubleshooting Procedure Diagram. Any ex- tra triggers sent during this cycle will be ignored.