The Hyles Church Manual (Part One – chapters ) Church Business Go to Part Two by Dr. Jack Hyles. Introduction With pleasure and profit, I have read the. Hyles Church Manual has 14 ratings and 1 review. Congratulations! You’ve been called by God to be a preacher, and He’s given you a church. With pleasure and profit, I have read the manuscript, Hyles’ Church Manual. I wish that this book had been published years ago so that many pastors and.

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Thank you, thank you.

She was particularly impressed by the fact that the pastor preached behind the pulpit and the deacons sat around on the front-many on the front rows and others near the front. After this, the pastor writes a letter of appreciation and thanks to those who were not elected, chjrch them for running for deacon and assuring them of his love and appreciation to and for them.

Lighting should be considered very carefully. We have these requests hylez transfers.

Hyles Church Manual

In other words, the pastor and each deacon have veto power. A Building Program The early church had no church buildings as we have today, yet it grew to tremendous proportions.

We still have lingering in our minds the memories of walking through the halls of our lovely new building, and tonight we not only believe Romans 8: Doe their record of giving for this period. The date should be set for the opening of the bids. I thought you would be glad to hear that. A Dedication Service Is Held Shortly after the election we have a dedication service and we set aside these new men to be deacons in the First Baptist Church of Hammond.



Unspiritual deacons have a bad reputation of being ‘demons’. We had people saved or added to our church this morning.

Dhurch the building was dedicated, we were very, very happy and proud even though it was a very simple building. Easter and Thanksgiving offerings are taken. We had a little prefabricated building about sixteen feet where we had two Sunday School classes and other than this, we had only a nursery adjacent to the auditorium. Have trained personal workers available for counseling.

The Church Approves Those Who Run When the men have been passed unanimously by our present deacons and have agreed themselves to mabual for the office of deacon, then their names are presented to the church at a regular monthly business meeting. Let us just go ahead and see this through. The Pastor then comments for a while about the memory of the passed away one.

The windows of heaven are open. Try to grant the family’s song requests.

The Hyles Church Manual Part 1 – The Jack Hyles Home Page

Acquaint yourself with the church architecture of the day. An assembly room seating would be sufficient and the other could sit in the classrooms during the opening assembly. We used the shade of trees, the baptistery steps, the bedrooms of the parsonage, the attic, and church buses for Sunday school classrooms, and yet the church grew rapidly.

Fairy Shappard is here. The pastor should certainly work closely with the architect and builder in this matter as the pastor is the expert in involved as far as the public speaking is concerned. We thank Him for salvation and for the many people here in the great family of First Baptist.


The amount of the offering on the envelope is transferred to the ledger card for the permanent record of the family or of the child. This gives the people a choice. The architect opens the bids and reveals their contents to the deacons and pastor.

No man can be a deacon in our church if he uses tobacco in any form. Brother Nanual Lyons came over and hcurch his arms around me. Marriage plans should be talked about. It is done upon order. In the book of Acts, this was the purpose of their existence. Parr; and Assistant Clerk, Don Krueger.

Below is a sample of one we have found most effective: No word of criticism is given. Many churches build an auditorium that is such a mistake as this.

The first week in December is a good time for this. Someone has written in this request: I have found it best to use Christian architects who draw plans for many church buildings. The ‘verse by verse’ approach is used.

Finally, a sermon message entitle ‘The Will of Mr. Thank you, choir, that is wonderful! Jack Hyles March 29, Approximately pastors attended. When we dedicated the aforementioned Sunday school building which, by the way, I built myselfa strange thing happened.

The above is a suggested nursery plan.