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This does not mean that everyone should learn to use hypnotism or should, of necessity, be permitted to use it if he did learn.

Where L Ron Hubbard got the idea for the fraud called Dianetics – Estabrooks – HYPNOTISM (c)

This is the type of reaction we mentioned in which the subject simply cannot be bothered to make the effort. The previous paragraphs also illustrate another very important point in any consideration of hypnotism. A small corner of science, it is open to all who are willing to use the necessary care in mastering a technique and persistence in applying the same. It is well to bear this stage technique in mind when we consider the real nature of hypnotism in Chapter III.

In fact, suggestion appears to be the key of hypnotism. Yet for some reason or other he cannot get those eyes open, struggle as he will.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2

You cannot take even one step forward. The muscles are tightening up. But this is only a possibility and something for the future. So bh took the first record in sight, put it on the victrola and said, humorously, “Now listen to that. Sound, sound asleep, just as if you have taken chloroform or ether.

We will deal more g.a.estabrookz with these proposals in a later chapter. This does not mean that everyone should learn to use hypnotism or should, of necessity, be permitted to use it if he did learn. There is the cat. If we are careful and know how to proceed, he will talk just as sanely g.w.estabrooks often far more frankly than when awake. One, for example, simply aims at transforming natural sleep into the hypnotic variety.


The use to which his discoveries may be put is something different again and something for which he has no responsibility. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yet when we do awaken him, his mind uypnosis a blank as to what has occurred.

Much work is being tried along these lines and some research is yielding promising results, as that at the Harvard Psychological Clinic. But the operator should always be present, for very naturally no record, no matter how skillfully devised, can meet the various emergencies which arise when we induce hypnosix trance.

George Estabrooks – Wikipedia

Then we proceed to “talk sleep” much the same as in hypnotism, being careful to avoid any references to trances, seances or hypnotism, and omitting all tests except one.

When we are in the normal waking condition, the conscious mind is run ning the body. A prisoner in jail or after a battle certainly would not willingly cooperate with the hypnotist if he knew the operator was after information which might send him to the electric chair or which would put him in the light of a traitor to his country.

However, there may be a real use for this technique after the subject has been hypnotized several times.

George Estabrooks

However, the writer finds that the best hypnoeis to discover good subjects is by using group hypnotism. Perhaps drugs may still have a use in lowering resistance discover beforehand who these very susceptible people are.


Then the operator will ask some very simple questions, such as: You cannot open your eyes. The odds against such a chance are very heavy.

Science is eternally on the move, questioning, probing, inquiring. You are sound asleep but you hear my voice clearly in your unconscious mind.

It cannot be done at least in the present stage of our work. Finally, many readers may question the wisdom of being so very frank on this matter of inducing hypnotism. If the reader doubts this statement, and he will, he may look up any good book on magic or any stage magician. Some people are hypbosis extremely susceptible to hypnotism that at times we get curious results even when using a victrola record. However, we must note that whereas the hypnotist can get this closing of the eyes in ninety per cent of humanity, this does not necessarily mean that he can go any farther with his suggestions.

We hypnotize the subject without his realizing what is happening. We further explain that, of course, the deepest form of relaxation is sleep, and that if the subject can fall hypnodis it will show that he has perfect control over his nervous system.

Keep looking in my eyes. It can even be used to induce hypnotism the very first time. The subject may be able to resist the suggestion, stop his hands, and remain quiet.

The writer was hypnotizing a young man who gave all the signs of being an excellent subject.