Extracts from Arab Biographies by Ibn Khallikan ( CE). Ibn Khallikan undertook work on his dictionary whilst acting as a man of the law in Damascus and then in Cairo. From to and also after , he was. Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary / tr. from the Arabic by Bn Mac Guckin de Slane. Main Author: Ibn Khallikān, Related Names: Slane, William.

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Whilst it comes to others who do no more than sit. Abu Nuwas was a boy when he composed these, his lbn and well-known verses:. It is also noticeable that he prefers to relate anecdotes illustrating the humanistic character of his subjects rather than describing their lives in full.

But you could never attain to any height. Many hope for a thing and cannot obtain it. Yakub was born at Baghdad and there he passed his youth.

Ibn Khallikan – Oxford Reference

I feared two door-keepers who had been set to watch them. Its dark locks and crown turning gray. He was liberal and brave, and held—by the nobleness of his family and character—a high rank in his tribe, khallikzn was that of Kushair.

Khallikan restricted his coverage to those persons who kbn a conspicuous place in the Muslim world. He was born at Maarra about sunset on Friday the 27th of the first Rabi, A. Worn and weak in the seams.


He composing not only occasional pieces but also extended poems. His mother Julaban was of that city; his father, who was a native of Damascus and a soldier in the service of Marwan Ibn Muhammad, the last of the Omaiyide dynasty, had been sent to keep garrison at al-Ahwaz, and he married Julaban there, by whom he had many children and, amongst the rest, Abu Muad and Ab Nuwas.

Dearer to me than the life of my father.

In glory or in honor. When I saw the night drawing towards its end. Please try again later. He frequented the company of females and liked conversing with them. And you, my fair mistresslaugh in wantonness. When he was grown up and had acquired some knowledge of grammar and literature, he was employed by his patron khallikaj a traveling clerk and, in that capacity, he went back and forward from Syria to Kis, Oman and the neighboring countries.

Although my sufferings had turned my hair gray. His residence was situated near the gate called Bab al-Kazz. When Jarir heard these verses, he composed a long poem in ohallikan he said: Damascus, city, capital of Syria. Besides, the author has incurred the penalty of corporal correction.


Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical Dictionary, Volumes 1 and 2 – World Digital Library

Buthaina, you bind me in state of torment. The southern gales bore to that place its wine-skins filled with the liquor of the clouds; the meadows drank the wine of the dew, and on the flowers were formed drops like pearls fallen from the string. The jealousy of gossips merely fires my love.

On Monday, the 18th of Shaban, 29th July, CEhe became a convert to the Moslem faith and applied himself to the practice of prayer and the study of the Koran.

Iraq, country of southwestern Mhallikan. People used to say that, when he sat in the company of women, he excited them to love. Taima would be where my loved one lived.

Ibn Khallikān

He is agitated with joy, but tears would suit him more. They passed the night lying at my sides. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.