Order separate catalog online or phone + (0) 22 . Conventional “chain suitable” cable (left) and igus®. incl. usefull accessories and Chainflex® cables – developed and tested for E- Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5. igus® produces cost effective e-chains/energy chains, drag chains and cable carriers for long vertical motion and low profile To the energy chains catalogue.

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Circular and spiral movements.

Inner heights of 56 to mm. Combination of single, two and three axis movements possible. FTA Floating moving end Compensation of parallel errors at long travels. Reverse bend radius RBR available.

To the e-spool shop. To the E2 micro shop. FTA floating moving end Compensation of parallel errors in the case of long travels. Additional strength and higher fill weights possible.

Many different interior separation options available. TechTalk – technical articles. Higher stability and more additional load possible.

IPA caable as suitable for cleanroom class 1. In this way, the necessary changes can be simply made when systems are expanded, for example. If you like, you can also optimize the result with further specifications.


Igus Energy Chains

Reduce downtime and increase the service life of cables and hoses. More information on energy chains. Guidefast guide troughs are mounted on the side. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies.

Series Catzlogue combines all benefits of Series E6, such as its ruggedness and cleanroom-compatibility, at lower weight and even quieter operation and higher maximum speeds.

Energy chains directly from the manufacturer’s stock within 24hrs

This allows us to provide you with a secure login, to collect statistical information for enhanced website functionality and to provide you with content that is tailored to your needs. Opens on both sides. Overview of requirements All energy chains for special applications. Low weight facilitates higher dynamics Overview EL. Smaller side links and thinner crossbars. All existing widths can be combined.

Open and enclosed versions can be snapped open along both the inner and outer radius. Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications.

The expertise we have accumulated over the years is being continuously refined with the help of our customers and is directly incorporated in our serial production. Smooth running and cleanroom. By using this website you agree to our use of chaun. To the FTA shop. Hinged on the left and right.


Assembly tool for “frequent users” Simple opening and closing of chain links and big time savings in assembly. E2 R Energy Tubes Lids snap open on one side and on the inner or outer radius.

Online Catalogs

Cost-effective solution for large volumes. Our smart plastics cataoogue to make it possible to monitor the plant in Austria. To the E2 R shop. Rotary system For fast rotating applications Integrated strain relief and cable guide trough. To the E2 mini shop. To the offshore energy chain shop.

Cable carriers for moving applications

Modular system for complex movement. The standard cable carrier for almost every application. High speeds and accelerations possible.

Gentle on the cables Modular, lightweight and quiet Energy, data FOCs, oil and air guided in one system Configurable online Xable service life Little, easy-to-perform maintenance required, easy to install Large catalogue of standard items.

Assembly Tools For “frequent users” Simple tool – great benefits: FTA Floating moving end. To the E1 shop. System E6 – overview. Low weight facilitates higher dynamics. Openable from both sides, extremely rapid installation. To the twisterchain shop.