In this article, Bolter and Grusin aim to trace these histories of immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation: We will begin by showing how the. In chapter one of this text, the authors discuss immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation. Fittingly, they offer the disclaimer that they make no. Bolter, J. D., & Grusin, R. (). “Immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation.” In Remediation: Understanding new media. Cambridge: The.

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The third one is refashioning the older medium while still marking the presence. In hypermedia settings, the user is continually brought back to and nypermediacy aware of the interface.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Although linear-perspective painting and film may keep the viewer distant from what he views, in virtual reality the viewer steps through Alberti’s window and is placed among the objects of representation.

Hypermediacy plays upon the desire for immediacy and transparent immediacy, making us hyper-conscious of our act of seeing or gazing.

We will then be in hypsrmediacy position to explore more fully the curious reciprocal logic of our third trait, remediation itself. Remediation is a fairly basic concept that most can easily understand.

Bolter and Grusin In opposition to immediacy, the logic of hypermediacy requires the user to recognize the medium as a medium and to desire that mediated experience Bolter, Jay David, and Richard Grusin. However, the first two take a bit of time to grasp, thus the pages of examples. This term immedlacy to the idea that all new media and virtually anything can be considered new media at its inception relies on rremediation or more preceding medium, which it refashions or repurposes.


Notify me of new comments via email. As well, the concept of remediation builds upon both of the first two concepts.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation

Of course, one can also post a video response, which presents another series of steps and tools to post such a response. Metaphor formation is the fundamental quality of the human intellect.

The OVC is essentially just online video; it does not offer any radically new feature beyond what has been available for quite some time: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Comment From Clive Castro on June 8th, at 2: Hitchcock’s is an act of hypermediacy.

Finally, they state that the difference between immediacy and hypermediacy is the difference between looking at, versus looking through something.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation — Time Barrow

And finally, when a new medium tries to absorb the old medium entirely. This is because it would ruin the illusion of immediacy.

In each case that inadequacy is represented as a lack of immediacy, and this seems to be generally true in the history of remediation. Immediacy is the perfection, or erasure, of the gap between signifier and signified, such that a representation is perceived to be the thing itself.

This paradox is compelling for its implications of the user: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bolter and Grusin make the point that these three concepts did not get their start with the digital age. The example Bolter and Grusin provide is a standard desktop interface with multiple windows open. Each new medium is justified because it fills a lack or repairs a fault in its predecessor, because it fulfills the unkept promise of an older medium.

Unless otherwise noted, all material on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Bolter and Grusin note that it is a primary characteristic of modernism to direct attention to the process of mediation itself, as an experience of representation Photography was supposedly more immediate than painting, film than photography, television than film, and now virtual reality fulfills the promise of immediacy and supposedly ends the progression.


The final logic is remediationand it appears to be the one that has been taken up most verbosely in scholarship and, arguably, has influenced recent focuses on remix. An example of immediacy would be Apple’s Facetime, which attempts to erase the mediation of the phone and makes it appear as if you are having a face-to-face conversation. They make the point that each was the best attempt at immediacy up until that point. The MIT Press, You get a better understanding of remediation by knowing in depth what immediacy and hypermediacy are, and how they relate and contrast.

Comment From Enlightened on August 13th, at 7: This is to say, users want an immediate connection with the medium. Similarly, the desire for sexual immedediacy immediac aim for a voyeuristic examination of the objects of representation or a union with them.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. So, for instance, Transparent digital applications seek to get to the real by bravely denying the fact of mediation; digital hypermedia seek the real by multiplying mediation so as to create a feeling of fullness, a satiety of experience, which can be taken as reality.