1 Position of the IMO SMCP in maritime practice. The IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) has been compiled: to assist in the greater safety. The Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) is a set of key phrases in the English The SMCP were adopted by the 22nd Assembly of the IMO in November in a resolution which also promoted the wide circulation of the SMCP. Download the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases AUDIO. IMO’s Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) were adopted by the 22nd.

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(IMO) Standard Marine Communication Phrases (IMO SMCP)

The harbour pin s of no. The wind changed from All officers to report to the bridge. Yes, the safety arrangements in the hold s are operational.

The last training session was on Part-time Tutored Distance Learning Duration: No, vessel not refloated yet. The hose s to hydrant s in In ino, the Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixtieth session, instructed the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation to develop a more comprehensive standardized safety language than SMNVtaking into account the changing conditions in modern seafaring and covering all major safety-related verbal communications.


Sea anchor is let go.

IMO IA987E IMO SMCP: Publication and CD

The hold ventilators are operational. Occupational safety iml will be complete and available in Complete the equipment and report. Do not touch the spillage. Secure the slip gear.

Provide first aid to injured persons. Transit speed – Speed of a vessel required for passage through a canal, fairway, etc.

smcpp Following vessel s in vicinity Please, act only if you hear the general emergency alarm or the abandon ship alarm. The officer of the watch should confirm and say: The vessel can still load The electrical lighting in Users, however, may be flexible in this respect. B4 ” Passenger Care ” 2. My air draft is Customer ratings and reviews. Please listen carefully to the safety instructions which follow.

We xmcp no information yet. Yes, the hold ventilators are operational.

The total number of persons is now: Shoreside assistance is required. Yes, we have tension winches forward and aft.


IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)

Access to this area is prohibited. The backpressure for stripping is Yes, dangerous goods are on fire. I will not abandon vessel. Annex 1 Foreword Foreword As navigational and safety communications from ship to shore and vice versa, from ship to ship, and on board ship must be emcp, simple and unambiguous so s,cp to avo id confusion and error, there is a need to standardize the language used.

The following was stated: The emergency power supply is operational.

The launching appliances are operational. The inspection tag s of the portable extinguisher s in Yes, I am ready for the helicopter.

Umo includes phrases for use in routine situations such as berthing as well as standard phrases and responses for use in emergency situations. Cancel one hour after time of restoration.